Sheena D'Arcy

Sheena D'Arcy

Associate Professor - Chemistry and Biochemistry
D'Arcy Lab
Tags: Biochemistry and Chemical Biology Theoretical, Physical or Analytical Chemistry

Professional Preparation

PhD - Structural Biology
University of Cambridge, UK - 2008
BS - Biochemistry and Biology
University of Sydney, Australia - 2003


Fluorescent Functionalization across Quaternary Structure in a Virus-like Particle 2017 - Journal Article
Molecular Hyperthermia: Spatiotemporal Protein Unfolding and Inactivation by Nanosecond Plasmonic Heating 2017 - Journal Article
Coordinated action of Nap1 and RSC in disassembly of tandem nucleosomes 2016 - Journal Article
Histone chaperone Nap1 is a major regulator of histone H2A-H2B dynamics at the inducible GAL locus 2016 - Journal Article
The right place at the right time: Chaperoning core histone variants 2015 - Journal Article
Chaperone Nap1 Shields Histone Surfaces Used in a Nucleosome and Can Put H2A-H2B in an Unconventional Tetrameric Form 2013 - Journal Article
Fluorescence strategies for high-throughput quantification of protein interactions 2012 - Journal Article
Towards a mechanism for histone chaperones 2012 - Journal Article

News Articles

NIH Grant Enables Chemist To Unwrap DNA Mysteries
NIH Grant Enables Chemist To Unwrap DNA Mysteries Dr. Sheena D’Arcy, assistant professor of chemistry in the School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, recently received a Maximizing Investigators’ Research Award for Early Stage Investigators (ESI-MIRA) (grant number R35GM133751) from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS), a component of the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

D’Arcy’s research focuses on the structure and function of the proteins that are involved in gene transcription — the process of “reading” DNA instructions to create the proteins that carry out life functions.