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Roxanne Minnish

Roxanne Minnish

Associate Professor of Instruction

Professional Preparation

M.F.A - Arts and Technology
The University of Texas at Dallas
B.A. - Music
Thomas Edison State College


CARE Award Recipient - UT Dallas [2015]


Motherboard: Richardson’s High-Tech Past, Present, and Future Honored in New UTD Art Installation
2019/08–2020/03 Named MotherBoard, the installation is composed of steel, LED lighting, and projection elements. It was funded by the Eisemann Edge Endowment Fund, then created by ATEC faculty, students, and alumni at UTD. Once completed, the massive display demonstrates a celebration of Richardson’s history, accomplishments, and technological contributions.
Could We Ever…?
2019/03–2019/06 A podcast that shines a light on UT Dallas experts and asks them to tackle questions you never knew you needed answered — from science to art and more. Music written and recorded by Roxanne Minnish.
Comets Discuss
2019/02–2019/06 Conversations with UT Dallas faculty and staff about current events and issues. Music written and recorded by Roxanne Minnish.
Design II Fashion Show, Plano Artfest
2018/01–2018/05 The students of Roxanne Minnish’s Design II class took to the runway Saturday for an outdoor fashion showcase of their already popular cardboard wearables. Constructed primarily — if not completely — from recycled cardboard, the student-designed costumes ran the gamut from medieval warriors to a cascade of roses to Spongebob Squarepants. Immediately afterwards, the attending students paraded along the street so that all in attendance could admire their craftwork.
Music Dedicated to the Rose Hall of Birds, Perot Museum
2012/01–2012/11 I wrote this music for the Perot Museum of Nature and Science's Rose Hall of Birds.  Undergraduate students from The University of Texas at Dallas composed MusicScapes for the other eleven galleries.  This project began in January of this year.  The students have worked very hard over the past eleven months.  I am so proud of them!


Students to Discuss Sound Designs for Art Exhibit
2010/05–2010/08 The sound design project is the most ambitious in the history of UT Dallas’ collaboration with the DMA. The students’ work responds to the coastal landscape paintings and other artworks on display, with the audio creations conceived to support the immersive qualities—intellectual, psychological and sensorial—of the exhibition itself. 

News Articles

Team Creates Immersive Art Experience To Tell Eisemann’s Story
Eisemann Edge II The University of Texas at Dallas’ 3D Studio Lightsquad is working with the Charles W. Eisemann Center for Performing Arts and Corporate Presentations to creatively celebrate the center’s 20-year history.

“20 Years in 20 Minutes” is an immersive projection experience, prepared by UT Dallas students, that explores the center’s impact on the arts landscape of the city of Richardson and North Texas.

“It’s an opportunity to use our technologies to tell stories,” said Andrew Scott, associate professor of arts and technology in the School of Arts, Humanities, and Technology (AHT). “I think immersive experiences are much more interesting when they are used in the service of narrative storytelling.”

Dallas Arts Month: AURORA Will Present ‘Video Art Nights’ Across Five Fridays in April Downtown
Dallas Art Month Aurora Cerebral Cortex AURORA, the Dallas-based public arts organization, is partnering with Downtown Dallas, Inc. on the weekly events, which will be free to the public. Curated video art programs will be projected at parks and outdoor surfaces in West End Square, Pegasus Plaza, and the Dallas Arts District—with live music and an outdoor artisanal market also on tap.

Cara Mia Theatre's "Remember. Breathe. Dream." wins TACA Resiliency Initiative Award.
Cara Mia Theatre's "Remember. Breathe. Dream." wins TACA Resiliency Initiative Award. Andrew F. Scott & The ATEC LightSquad's large-scale contemplative installation, 'Agape,' weaves the teachings of Zen Master Dr. Ruben Habito and transforms the Cara Mia Theatre of the Dallas Latino Cultural Center. This piece is one of the five multimedia installations a part of Remember. Breathe. Dream. Curated by David Lozano.  The LightSquad is committed to creating visual experiences that are both technically compelling and socially relevant. A variety of techniques and processes were employed to develop this work. Projection mapping, sound, and lighting are the primary techniques used to convey the immersive experience in the Cara Mía Theatre. 

Andrew F. Scott Artistic Director 
Matthew Unkenholz Technical Director 
Roxanne Minnish:  Music Composer Sound Design 
Koby Wheeler, student: Principal Video Editor 

Video contributions:
Liz Trosper, faculty 
Athena Shen, student 
Omar Davila, alumni 
Pablo Reyes, alumni 
Laura Victore
Maedeh Asgharpour, graduate student 

Video Documentation:
Andrew F. Scott

Technical assistance:  
Evan Acuna, student
Vic Simon, alumni
The Making of MotherBoard
The Making of MotherBoard The MotherBoard project was created by faculty, students and some alumni from The University of Texas at Dallas. It depicted the past, present and future of the city of Richardson as a tech hub. 
Eisemann Edge MotherBoard
Eisemann Edge MotherBoard MotherBoard, a new sculpture installation created by the ATEC LightSquad from The University of Texas at Dallas will be unveiled March 6, 2020 at the Charles W. Eisemann Center for Performing Arts at 2351 Performance Drive, Richardson, TX 75082. The installation will remain on exhibit from March 7-29 in the Eisemann Center’s Forrest & Virginia Green Mezzanine Gallery. The large art display will highlight the past, present and future of the city of Richardson as a tech hub.


Wellness Committee Chair
UT Dallas Wellness Committee