Michael Kolodrubetz

Assistant Professor - Physics
PHY 1.710
Group webpage
Tags: Physics

Professional Preparation

University of California at Berkeley - 2017
Boston University - 2015
PhD - Physics
Princeton University - 2012
BS - Physics
California Institute of Technology - 2007

Research Areas

Non-equilibrium quantum systems
My group's interests involve many topics in non-equilibrium quantum physics. One major focus is periodically-driven (Floquet) systems, which use strong drive to engineer physics often inaccessible in equilibrium. Another is the impact of geometry on quantum dynamics. In these and other areas, I work in close proximity to a handful of experimental groups. An overarching goal of this work is to develop organizing principles for non-equilibrium quantum systems, with the hope of understanding non-equilibrium phases of matter in the same language as we do equilibrium.


Absence of thermalization in finite isolated interacting Floquet systems 2018 - Journal Article
Floquet quantum criticality 2018 - Journal Article
Quenching our thirst for universality 2018 - Journal Article
Strong-disorder renormalization group for periodically driven systems 2018 - Journal Article
Topological Floquet-Thouless Energy Pump 2018 - Journal Article
Tunable axial gauge fields in engineered Weyl semimetals: Semiclassical analysis and optical lattice implementations 2018 - Journal Article
Adiabatic perturbation theory and geometry of periodically-driven systems 2017 - Journal Article
Floquet Dynamics of Boundary-Driven Systems at Criticality 2017 - Journal Article
Geometry and non-adiabatic response in quantum and classical systems 2017 - Journal Article
Chern numbers and chiral anomalies in Weyl butterflies 2016 - Journal Article