Gabriele Meloni

Assistant Professor - Chemistry & Biochemistry
Tags: Biochemistry and Chemical Biology Inorganic Chemistry

Professional Preparation

Postdoctoral Associate
Aarhus University, Denmark - 2014
Postdoctoral Associate
California Institute of Technology - 2013
PhD - Bioinorganic Chemistry/Biochemistry
University of Zurich, Switzerland - 2008
MS - Biotechnology
University of Milan, Italy - 2002


Chemistry of mammalian metallothioneins and their interaction with amyloidogenic peptides and proteins 2017 - Journal Article
Copper metallothioneins 2017 - Journal Article
Crystal structure of the DNA-binding domain of Myelin-gene Regulatory Factor 2017 - Journal Article
Fluorescent Functionalization across Quaternary Structure in a Virus-like Particle 2017 - Journal Article
Mammalian metallothionein-3: New functional and structural insights 2017 - Journal Article
A sulfur-based transport pathway in Cu+-ATPases 2015 - Journal Article
Structure and Function of Cu(I)- and Zn(II)-ATPases 2015 - Journal Article
Structure and mechanism of Zn2+-transporting P-type ATPases 2014 - Journal Article
Transmembrane type-2-like Cu2+site in the P1B-3-type ATPase CopB: Implications for metal selectivity 2014 - Journal Article
On allosteric modulation of P-type Cu+-ATPases 2013 - Journal Article


Maximizing Investigators' Research Award - National Institute of General Medical Sciences - NIH [2018]
Marie Curie International Outgoing Fellowship Award - European Commission [2011]
Fellowship for Prospective Researchers - Swiss National Science Foundation [2009]

News Articles

UT Dallas Chemistry Professors Receive Welch Foundation Grants
Two UT Dallas faculty members in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry — Dr. Sheel Dodani BS’07 and Dr. Gabriele Meloni — are recipients of three-year, $195,000 grants from the Welch Foundation to support research geared toward improving the understanding of cellular function.