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Christine Veras, Ph.D.

Christine Veras, Ph.D.

Director of experimental.l.
Assistant Professor
+1 (972) 883-7541
Personal website

Professional Preparation

Doctor of Philosophy - Animated Installations
Nanyang Technological University Singapore - 2017
M.F.A. - Visual Arts / Cinema
Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais - Brazil - 2005
B.F.A. - Animation
Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais - Brazil - 2003

Research Areas

Experimental Animation
Experimental Media Archeology
Optical Toys
History of Animation
Animation Studies
Maker Culture


Feminist Animation as Documentary: Ways of Confronting Violence Against Women / Women and Global Documentary: Practices and Perspectives in the 21st Century - upcoming 2025 - book chapter
Introduction: Optical Toys in German Handbook Animation Studies / Handbuch Animation Studies - upcoming 2024 - book chapter
Émile Reynaud: An Animated Legacy / Émile Reynaud Nouveaux Regards - upcoming 2023 - book chapter
Reanimating the History and the Forgotten Characteristics of the Zoetrope 2022 - article
The Silhouette Zoetrope: A New Blend of Motion, Mirroring, Depth and Size Illusions 2017 - article
Human+?  2017 - exhibition review
Lawrence Jordan: Giving Birth to a dream 2016 - article


United States Patent - USPTO [2016]
Best Illusion of the Year Contest - Neural Correlate Society [2016]
Science Without Borders Scholarship - National Council of Technological and Scientific Development (CNPq), Brazil [2014]
Research Scholarship - Nanyang Technological University Singapore [2013]
Travel Research Grant for Exchange and Cultural Diffusion Program - Brazilian Ministry of Culture [2009]


Assistant Professor
University of Texas at Dallas [2020–Present]
School of Arts, Humanities, and Technology
Senior Lecturer
University of Texas at Dallas [2018–2020]
School of Arts, Technology and Emerging Communication
Instructor of Record
Nanyang Technological University Singapore [2015–2016]
School of Art, Design and Media
UNI-BH - Brazil [2006–2007]
School of Communication - Editorial Production

News Articles

Exploring Immersive Media: Texas
Digital Education in Texas
For the purpose of this article, we interviewed Christine Veras, assistant professor of Animation at The University of Texas at Dallas and director of experimenta.l. – a collaborative lab that specializes in creative research and critical practices in animation.  
Lab’s Holocaust Film Moves Audiences, Draws Upon Unique Collaboration
Animation poster with two children facing the photographs of their city in ruins Written for the UTDallas Magazine this article is about the collaborative project that led to the creation of the animation "A Lasting Image." A collaborative project supervised by Dr. Veras and produced by the experimenta.l. lab and the Ackerman Center for Holocaust Studies.
ATEC Focuses on Strengthening Connections with Students this Fall: Lecturer joins Tenure-Track Ranks
ATEC Focuses on Strengthening Connections with Students this Fall: Lecturer joins Tenure-Track Ranks ATEC’s newest tenure-track faculty member, Dr. Christine Veras, is one of those who will be working to involve students as she opens her new lab. Veras researches the integration of physical and digital technologies to explore the multimedia possibilities of animation.

“With a PhD focus on animation, Christine brings a unique perspective on the field of animation as an area of research,” Balsamo said.
Get Some Symphonic Music With Your Space Travel
Get Some Symphonic Music With Your Space Travel The Richardson Symphony will combine classical music with animation — and astrophysics — at its concert at the Eisemann Center this Saturday. Art & Seek’s Jerome Weeks says, think of it as akin to the Walt Disney movie, ‘Fantasia’ – but with NASA footage. And multi-media artworks in the lobby.
A Look Back at Animation History
Christine Veras, a doctoral candidate from Nanyang University in Singapore, reported on the combination of images possible in the 19th-century optical device known as the zoetrope. The zoetrope was a rotating cylinder with slits cut in its top and strips of sequential images positioned at the bottom of its interior.

When you looked through the slits as the drum rotated, you would see the images appearing to move — generally, a simple action repeated over and over as long as the drum rotated. Virtually everyone who knows about zoetropes thinks of them as using one strip at a time; to see more action, you changed strips and spun the drum again.

But Veras displayed an ad from a 19th-century supplier of zoetrope strips that described how two different strips could be overlapped to produce surprising transformations from one moving image to another — thereby prefiguring film editing, and even the cinema itself, by several decades.


Women in Animation
Women in Toys
ASIFA Central
University Film and Video Association
Society for Animation Studies
Animation Research Gang (ARG)
Animation Educators Forum