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Zhiyang Xia

Zhiyang Xia

Research Assistant Professor - Space Sciences


Resonant Electron Signatures in the Formation of Chorus Wave Subpackets 2024 - Journal Article
On the Wave‐Normal Distribution of Lightning‐Generated Whistlers and Their Propagation Modes 2024 - Journal Article
Statistical Properties of Lower Band Rising Tone Chorus Waves 2023 - Journal Article
Statistical properties of lower band rising tone chorus waves 2023 - Other
Simulation of Downward Frequency Chirping in the Rising Tone Chorus Element 2023 - Journal Article
Latitudinal dependence of ground VLF transmitter wave power in the inner magnetosphere 2023 - Journal Article
Evolution of Chorus Subpackets in the Earth's Magnetosphere 2023 - Journal Article
Whistler Waves Above the Lower Hybrid Frequency in the Ionosphere and Their Counterparts in the Magnetosphere 2022 - Journal Article