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Yune Lee

Yune Lee

Assistant Professor

Research Interests: Neural and behavioral connections between speech, language, and music (SLAM) in the context of communication disorders

CR 1.342
Curriculum Vitae

Professional Preparation

Ph.D. - Cognitive Neuroscience
Dartmouth College - 2010
B.S. - Biology
Yonsei University - 2001

Research Areas

Research Interests
Neural and behavioral connections between speech, language, and music (SLAM); neural plasticity associated with improved language/cognitive functions following music-based intervention; impact of lifelong music training on protecting cognitive and sensory declines


Neural consequences of binaural beat stimulation on auditory sentence comprehension: an EEG study 2023 - Cerebral Cortex (In Press)
No influence of regular rhythmic priming on grammaticality judgment and sentence comprehension in English-speaking children  2023 - Journal of Experimental Child Psychology
Beta and gamma binaural beats enhance auditory sentence comprehension. Psychological Research  2023 - Psychological Research
Sensorimotor and working memory systems jointly support development of perceptual rhythm processing  2023 - Developmental Science
Neural compensation supporting successful speech comprehension in normal aging  2022 - Aging Brain
Effects of the configuration of hearing loss on consonant perception between simulation bimodal and electric acoustic stimulation hearing  2021 - Journal of American Academy of Audiology
Hybrid Auditory fMRI Imaging: in pursuit of increasing data acquisition while decreasing the impact of scanner noise  2021 - Journal of Neuroscience Methods
Invariance of edit-distance to tempo in rhythm similarity  2021 - Psychology of Music

Additional Information

I received a PhD in cognitive neuroscience from Dartmouth College and postdoctoral training at University of Pennsylvania. Before joining BBS, I was an assistant professor at the Ohio State University. My research is focused on the behavioral and neural connections between music and language. I conduct several interdisciplinary projects that leverage music to promote the neural plasticity pertaining to enhanced speech and language functions.