Yang Liu

Associate Professor - Computer Science
Tags: Computer Science Electrical Engineering Computer Engineering

Professional Preparation

Ph.D. - Electrical and Computer Engineering
Purdue University - 2004
M. S. - Electrical Engineering
Tsinghua University - 2000
B. S. - Electrical Engineering
Tsinghua University - 1997

Research Areas

Research Interests
Human Language Processing
  • Spoken language processing
  • Speech recognition and understanding
  • Natural language processing
  • Identification of speech and language disorder
  • Machine learning in speech/language processing


Deana Pennell and Yang Liu. Normalization of Informal Text. Computer Speech and Language. Accepted. 2013. 2013 - Publication
Je Hun Jeon, Rui Xia, and Yang Liu. Level of Interest Sensing in Spoken Dialog Using Decision-level Fusion of Acoustic and Lexical Evidence. Computer Speech and Language. Accepted. 2013. 2013 - Publication
Khairun-Nisa Hassanali, Yang Liu, Aquiles Iglesias, Thamar Solorio, and Christine Dollaghan. Automatic Generation of Index of Productive Syntax for Child Language Transcripts. Behavior Research Methods. May 2013. 2013 - Publication
Fei Liu and Yang Liu. Towards Abstractive Speech Summarization: Exploring Unsupervised and Supervised Approaches for Spoken Utterance Compression. IEEE Transactions on Audio, Speech and Language Processing. 2013. 2013 - Publication
Xian Qian and Yang Liu. Branch and Bound Algorithm for Dependency Parsing with Non-local Features. Transactions of the Association for Computational Linguistics. March. 2013. 2013 - Publication
Je Hun Jeon and Yang Liu. Automatic Prosodic Event Detection Using Novel Labeling Method in Co-Training Algorithm. Speech Communication, Volume 54, Issue 3, March 2012, Pages 445-458. 2012 - Publication
Zhonghua Qu and Yang Liu. User Participation Prediction in Online Forums. EACL, 2012. 2012 - Publication
Zhonghua Qu and Yang Liu. Sentence Dependency Tagging in Online Question Answering Forums. ACL, 2012. 2012 - Publication
Fei Liu, Fuliang Weng, Bingqing Wang, and Yang Liu, "Insertion, Deletion, or Substitution? Normalizing Text Messages without Pre-categorization nor Supervision". ACL-HLT, 2011. 2011 - Publication
Deana Pennell and Yang Liu. A Character-Level Machine Translation Approach for Normalization of SMS Abbreviations. International Joint Conference on Natural Language Processing (IJCNLP), Thailand, 2011. 2011 - Publication


Associate Professor
University of Texas at Dallas [2011–Present]
Assistant Professor
University of Texas at Dallas [2005–2011]
PostDoc Research Fellow
Berkeley [2004–2005]
Research Associate
Berkeley [2002–2004]
Research Assistant
Purdue University [2000–2002]

Additional Information

Professional Service
  • NSF CAREER Award
  • Air Force Young Investigator Research Program award
  • Meeting summarization. Supported by NSF CAREER award.
  • Diagnose language impairment in monolingual and bilingual children. Supported by NSF (PI: Thamar Solorio). 
  • Emotion recognition in speech. Supported by U.S Air Force Young Investigator Program.
  • Sentiment/opinion recognition.
  • Text message processing.
  • Online forum summarization.
  • Aspects of Prosody across Chinese and English (with Prof. Jerry Edmondson at UT Arlington), supported by UTA-UTD Joint Research Program.

News Articles

Your Next Computer May Know How You Feel
Friends, loved ones and pets can sense your mood almost instantly – and one day your computer may be able to do so pretty quickly as well.

UT Dallas computer scientist Yang Liu has received a three-year, $350,000 grant from the highly competitive Air Force Office of Scientific Research's Young Investigator Research Program to explore emotion recognition and modeling in speech processing.
Can't Make it to a Meeting? Send a Computer Instead
If you’ve ever wished you had an assistant to attend meetings with you, take notes and produce a concise summary, then you’ll be pleased to know that UT Dallas computer scientist Yang Liu hopes to one-up you: She’s working on software that would automatically do the job of that assistant.

She recently received a prestigious career-development award from the National Science Foundation that will fund a five-year, $400,000 project designed to find a more intelligent way to address issues related to speech summarization of meetings.