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Xu Liu

Xu Liu

Research Scientist - Space Sciences

Professional Preparation

Ph.D - Physics
University of Texas at Dallas - 2020
M.S. - Physics
University of Texas at Dallas - 2017
M.S. - Geophysics
Beihang University - 2015
B.E. - GNC
Beihang University - 2012

Research Areas

Research Interests
  • Magnetospheric physics
  • Instability and propagation of plasma waves
  • Radiation Belt modeling
  • Wave-particle interaction


A Parametric Study of Oxygen Ion Cyclotron Harmonic Wave Excitation and Polarization by an Oxygen Ring Distribution 2022 - Journal Article
Statistical Study on Small‐Scale (≤1,000 km) Density Irregularities in the Inner Magnetosphere 2022 - Journal Article
A Statistical Study of Lower Hybrid Waves in the Earth's Magnetosphere by Van Allen Probes 2021 - Journal Article
Observational Evidence of the Excitation of Magnetosonic Waves by an He++ Ion Ring Distribution 2021 - Journal Article
Frequency‐Dependent Modulation of Whistler‐Mode Waves by Density Irregularities During the Recovery Phase of a Geomagnetic Storm 2021 - Journal Article
Modulation of Magnetosonic Waves by Background Plasma Density in a Dipole Magnetic Field: 2‐D PIC Simulation 2021 - Journal Article
Particle‐in‐Cell Simulation of Electron Cyclotron Harmonic Waves Driven by a Loss Cone Distribution 2020 - Journal Article
The Relation Between Electron Cyclotron Harmonic Waves and Plasmapause: Case and Statistical Studies 2020 - Journal Article


Research Assistant
UTD [2017–2020]
Research Associate
UTD [2020–2022]
Research Scientist
UTD [2022–Present]

Additional Information

Awards and Honors
  • 2019 University of Texas at Dallas Dissertation Research Award
  • 2018 LANL Space Weather Summer School Fellowship
  • 2017 William B. Hanson Student Support Fund
  • 2016 The University of Texas at Dallas Margie Renfrow Student Support Fund