Xintong Dong

Xintong Dong

Assistant Professor - Biological Sciences

We study antimicrobial peptide signaling at host-microbe interfaces.

Tags: Host-microbe interaction neuro-immune crosstalk antimicrobial peptide itch

Professional Preparation

Postdoc - Neuroscience
Johns Hopkins University - 2022
Ph.D. - Biology
Stanford University - 2016
B.S. - Biochemistry
University of Wisconsin - Madison - 2010

Research Areas

Antimicrobial peptide signaling in urinary tract infections
We are interested in how antimicrobial peptides contribute to urinary tract immunity by activating receptors on immune cells and sensory neurons.
Host-microbe interaction in the skin
We use mouse and bacterial genetics to understand how S. aureus interacts with antimicrobial peptides in the mammalian skin.
Neuro-immune crosstalk in psoriasis
We try to understand how defensins facilitate neuro-immune crosstalk and cause psoriatic itch.


Synchronized cluster firing, a distinct form of sensory neuron activation, drives spontaneous pain 2022 - Journal Article
Keratinocyte-derived defensins activate neutrophil-specific receptors Mrgpra2a/b to prevent skin dysbiosis and bacterial infection 2022 - Journal Article
A basophil-neuronal axis promotes itch 2021 - Journal Article
A Connective Tissue Mast-Cell-Specific Receptor Detects Bacterial Quorum-Sensing Molecules and Mediates Antibacterial Immunity 2019 - Journal Article
A Dendritic Guidance Receptor Complex Brings Together Distinct Actin Regulators to Drive Efficient F-Actin Assembly and Branching 2018 - Journal Article
Peripheral and Central Mechanisms of Itch 2018 - Journal Article
A multi-protein receptor-ligand complex underlies combinatorial dendrite guidance choices in C. elegans 2016 - Journal Article
Precise regulation of the guidance receptor DMA-1 by KPC-1/furin instructs dendritic branching decisions 2016 - Journal Article


Discovery Award - National Psoriasis Foundation [2023]
Leading Edge Fellow - Leading Edge Symposium [2020]
Damon Runyon/HHMI postdoc fellowship - Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation [2017]