William Gerard Hubert Vandenberghe

Assistant Professor - Materials Science & Engineering
BSB 13.538
Tags: Electrical Engineering Materials Science and Engineering Computer Engineering

Professional Preparation

Ph.D. - Engineering
KU Leuven - 2012


Tellurium as a successor of silicon for extremely scaled nanowires: a first-principles study 2020 - Journal Article
Carrier transport in two-dimensional topological insulator nanoribbons in the presence of vacancy defects 2019 - Journal Article
Electronic Transport Properties of Silicane Determined from First Principles 2019 - Journal Article
Scalable atomistic simulations of quantum electron transport using empirical pseudopotentials 2019 - Journal Article
Theoretical study of scattering in graphene ribbons in the presence of structural and atomistic edge roughness 2019 - Journal Article
Trigonal Tellurium Nanostructure Formation Energy and Band gap 2019 - Conference Paper
Two-Dimensional Materials for Electronic Devices: Transition-Metal Dichalcogenides and Topological Insulators 2019 - Conference Paper
First-principles Study of the Electron and Hole Mobility in Silicane 2019 - Conference Paper
Carrier Transport in a Two-Dimensional Topological Insulator Nanoribbon in the Presence of Vacancy Defects. 2018 - Conference Paper
Dislocation driven spiral and non-spiral growth in layered chalcogenides 2018 - Journal Article


Young Investigator Award - Defense Threat reduction Agency [2017]
Research Council Award - KU Leuven [2014]