Wei Wu

Professor - Computer Science
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Tags: Computer Science Electrical Engineering Computer Engineering

Professional Preparation

Ph.D. - Computer Science and Engineering
University of Minnesota - 2002
M.S. - Computer Science & Engineering
University of Minnesota - 1997

Research Areas

Research Interests
  • Databases
  • Data mining 
  • Distributed database systems


Hai Du, Weili Wu, Zaixin Lu, Yinfeng Xu: On the Steiner Ratio in. Discrete Math., Alg. and Appl. 3(4): 473-490 (2011) 2011 - Publication
Deying Li, Qinghua Zhu, Hongwei Du, Weili Wu, Hong Chen, Wenping Chen: Conflict-Free Many-to-One Data Aggregation Scheduling in Multi-Channel Multi-Hop Wireless Sensor Networks. ICC 2011: 1-5 2011 - Publication
Zaixin Lu, Wei Zhang, Weili Wu, Bin Fu, Ding-Zhu Du: Approximation and Inapproximation for the Influence Maximization Problem in Social Networks under Deterministic Linear Threshold Model. ICDCS Workshops 2011: 160-165 2011 - Publication
Shuo Zhang, Xiaofeng Gao, Weili Wu, Jianzhong Li, Hong Gao: Efficient algorithms for supergraph query processing on graph databases. J. Comb. Optim. 21(2): 159-191 (2011) 2011 - Publication
Feng Zou, Jiaofei Zhong, Weili Wu, Ding-Zhu Du, Junghoon Lee: Energy-efficient roadside unit scheduling for maintaining connectivity in vehicle ad-hoc network. ICUIMC 2011: 64 2011 - Publication
Suogang Gao, Zengti Li, Hongjie Du, Yan Shi, Weili Wu: Approaching pooling design with smaller efficient ratio. J. Global Optimization 49(1): 125-135 (2011) 2011 - Publication
Ling Ding, Weili Wu, James Willson, Hongjie Du, Wonjun Lee: Construction of directional virtual backbones with minimum routing cost in wireless networks. INFOCOM 2011: 1557-1565 2011 - Publication
Hongwei Du, Qiang Ye, Weili Wu, Wonjun Lee, Deying Li, Ding-Zhu Du, Stephen Howard: Constant approximation for virtual backbone construction with Guaranteed Routing Cost in wireless sensor networks. INFOCOM 2011: 1737-1744 2011 - Publication
Hongjie Du, Weili Wu, Wonjun Lee, Qinghai Liu, Zhao Zhang, Ding-Zhu Du: On minimum submodular cover with submodular cost. J. Global Optimization 50(2): 229-234 (2011) 2011 - Publication
Rym Zalila-Wenkstern, Weili Wu (Eds.): ISCA 20th International Conference on Software Engineering and Data Engineering (SEDE-2011) June 20-22, 2011, Imperial Palace Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada USA. ISCA 2011, isbn 978-1-880843-82-6 2011 - Publication


Teaching Assistant
University of Minnesota [1996–2002]
Research Assistant
University of Minnesota [1996–2002]
Research Assistant
University of Wisconsin [1994–1995]
Teaching Assistant
University of Wisconsin [1994–1995]

China Coal Research Academic [1989–1993]

Additional Information

Honors and Awards
  • UCGIS (The University Consortium for Geographic Information Science) Summer Assembly Student Travel Award, UCGIS, 2000.
  • Excellent Student Scholarship, Liaoning Technical University, China, 1986.