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Vidroha Debroy

Vidroha Debroy

Lecturer I - Computer Science

Professional Preparation

Ph.D. - Software Engineering
The University of Texas at Dallas - 2011

Research Areas

Automated code refactoring, Static analysis (JavaScript), Test case prioritization, Automated debugging and DevOps


A Consensus-based Strategy to Improve the Quality of Fault Localization 2013 - Publication
Effective Software Fault Localization using an RBF Neural Network 2012 - Publication
Towards Better Fault Localization: A Crosstab-based Statistical Approach 2012 - Publication
Ties Within Fault Localization Rankings: Exposing and Addressing the Problem 2011 - Publication
On the Estimation of Adequate Test Set Size Using Fault Failure Rates 2011 - Publication
The Role of Software in Recent Catastrophic Accidents 2010 - Publication
A Family of Code Coverage-based Heuristics for Effective Fault Localization 2010 - Publication
Software Fault Localization 2010 - Publication