Giacomo Valerio Iungo

Associate Professor - Mechanical Engineering
Tags: Mechanical Engineering

Professional Preparation

Ph.D. - Aerospace Engineering
the University of Pisa, Italy - 2007
M.Sc. - Aerospace Engineering
the University of Pisa, Italy - 2003

Research Areas

Research interests
  • Experimental fluid mechanics;
  • Power harvesting from turbulent flows;
  • Wind LiDAR technology;
  • Subsonic wind tunnel design;
  • Wake instability;
  • Vortex dynamics;
  • Bluff body aerodynamics;
  • Road vehicle aerodynamics;
  • Signal processing and time-frequency analysis.


Iungo, G.V., and F. Porté-Agel: Volumetric scans of wind turbine wakes performed with three simultaneous wind LiDARs under different atmospheric stability regimes. J. Physics: Conf. Series, 524, 012164, 2014 - Publication
Iungo, G.V., and F. Porté-Agel: Volumetric LiDAR scanning of wind turbine wakes under convective and neutral atmospheric stability regimes. J. Atmos. Oceanic Technol. , 31 (10), 2035-2048, 2014 - Publication
Iungo, G.V., F. Viola and F. Porté-Agel: Experimental characterization of wind turbine wakes: wind LiDAR measurements and wind tunnel tests. In proc. of IN-VENTO 2014, XIII Conf. Italian Assosiaction for wind Engineering, 22-25 June 2014, Genova, Italy. 2014 - Publication
Viola, F., G.V. Iungo, S. Camarri, F. Porté-Agel, and F. Gallaire: Prediction of the hub vortex instability in a wind turbine wake: stability analysis with eddy-viscosity models calibrated on wind tunnel data. J. Fluid Mech., 750, R1, 1-12, 2014 - Publication
Carbajo Fuertes, F., G.V. Iungo, and F. Porté-Agel: 3D turbulence measurements using three synchronous wind LiDARs: validation against sonic anemometry. J. Atmos. Oceanic Technol.,, in press. 2014 - Publication
Iungo, G.V., Y-T. Wu, and F. Porté-Agel: Field measurements of wind turbine wakes with lidars. J. Atmos. Oceanic Technol., 30, 274-287. 2013 - Publication
G.V. Iungo, and F. Porté-Agel: Measurement procedures for characterization of wind turbine wakes with scanning Doppler wind LiDARs. Adv. Sci. Res., 10, 71-75.  2013 - Publication
Iungo, G.V., F. Viola, S. Camarri, F. Porté-Agel, and F. Gallaire: Linear stability analysis of wind turbine wakes performed on wind tunnel measurements. J. Fluid Mech., 737, 499-526, 2013 - Publication
Iungo, G.V., L.M. Pii, and G. Buresti: Experimental investigation on the aerodynamic loads and wake flow features of a low aspect-ratio circular cylinder. J. Fluids Struct., 28, 279-291. 2012 - Publication
Iungo, G.V., and E. Lombardi: A procedure based on proper orthogonal decomposition for time-frequency analysis of time series. Exp. Fluids, 51, 969-985. 2011 - Publication


Assistant Professor
University of Texas at Dallas [2014–Present]
Ecole Polytechnique Fdrale de Lausanne (EPFL) [2010–2014]
University of Pisa [2008–2010]

Additional Information

Professional affiliations


Honors and Awards

2010 - Special mention for the prize “Best Italian junior researcher in Wind Engineering”, ANIV 2010 for the biennium 2008 - 2010, 2nd July 2010, Spoleto, Italy.
2007 - Fellowship for an international collaboration to carry out the master thesis, funded by the University of Pisa, Italy.