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Tony Love

Tony Love

Associate Professor of Criminology

Professional Preparation

Ph.D. - Sociology
Texas A&M University - 2012
M.S. - Sociology
Texas A&M University - 2008
B.S. - Sociology
Texas A&M University - 2004

Research Areas

Social Psychology
Experimental Methods


Assessing collective identity (non-)verification with social media data through web scraping, sentiment analysis, and qualitative coding 2023 - Book Chapter
Role-taking and robotic form: an exploratory study of social connection in human-robot interaction 2023 - Journal Article
Facing Others’ Trauma: A Role-Taking Theory of Burnout 2022 - Journal Article
Role-Taking in Human-Robot Interaction 2022 - Other
Intersecting matters: #GeorgeFloyd and #COVID19 2022 - Journal Article
Racial Differences in Women’s Role-Taking Accuracy: How Status Matters 2021 - Journal Article
Opportunities Diverted: Intake Diversion and Institutionalized Racial Disadvantage in the Juvenile Justice System 2019 - Journal Article
Generalizing from social media data: a formal theory approach 2019 - Journal Article


Windham School District Biennial Evaluation
The Windham School District is the educational provider for residents within the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ). Texas Education Code, Chapter 19 Section 19. 0041 requires Windham School District to conduct a biennial evaluation and report regarding the effectiveness of its programs. The statute specifies that Windham will
compile and analyze information for each of its programs, including performance-based information and data related to academic, vocational training, and life skills programs.

You can review my 2023 report and other reports here:
The Role-Taking Project
The Role-Taking Project is an international effort to investigate the structural and individual components of role-taking, or taking the role of the other.  Through innovative experimental design, group level variables like status, race, and gender composition can be explored, leading to potential breakthroughs in our understanding of interpersonal relationships.

Learn more about the concept of role-taking and about the project at


American Society of Criminology
American Sociological Association