Tomoki Ohsawa

Assistant Professor - Mathematical Sciences
Tags: applications of differential geometry to problems in physics and engineering Hamiltonian dynamical systems semiclassical dynamics quantum dynamics nonholonomic dynamics optimal control theory

Professional Preparation

Ph.D. - Applied Mathematics
University of Michigan - 2010
M.S. - Physics
University of Michigan - 2008
M.A.Sc. - Aerospace Engineering
University of Toronto - 2005
M.Eng. - Aeronautics & Astronautics
Kyoto University - 2003
B.Eng. - Aeronautics & Astronautics
Kyoto University - 2001

Research Areas

Applications of differential geometry to problems in physics and engineering, particularly those problems described as Hamiltonian dynamical systems in a broad sense. They include semiclassical and quantum dynamics, nonholonomic dynamics, and optimal control theory.


Geometric Kinematic Control of a Spherical Rolling Robot 2020 - Journal Article
Hamiltonian Dynamics of Semiclassical Gaussian Wave Packets in Electromagnetic Potentials 2020 - Journal Article
Hamiltonian dynamics of semiclassical Gaussian wave packets in electromagnetic potentials 2020 - Journal Article
Symplectic reduction and the Lie–Poisson shape dynamics of N point vortices on the plane 2019 - Journal Article
The symmetric representation of the generalized rigid body equations and symplectic reduction 2019 - Journal Article
Symplectic semiclassical wave packet dynamics II: Non-Gaussian states 2018 - Journal Article
Geometry and dynamics of Gaussian wave packets and their Wigner transforms 2017 - Journal Article
Optimal Control Problems with Symmetry Breaking Cost Functions 2017 - Journal Article
A New Phase Space Density for Quantum Expectations 2016 - Journal Article
Symmetry and conservation laws in semiclassical wave packet dynamics 2015 - Journal Article