Trey Miller

Trey Miller

Associate Professor of Economics
Director, Texas Schools Project
+1 (972) 883-3808
GR 3.524
Tags: Economics Higher education

Professional Preparation

PhD - Economics
Stanford University - 2009
BA - Mathematics and Economics
University of Texas at Austin - 2003

Research Areas

Research Interests
Economics of Education, Postsecondary Education, Career and Technical Education


Miller, T., Daugherty, L., Martorell, P., and Russell Gerber (2022). “Assessing the Effect of Corequisite English Instruction Using a Randomized Controlled Trial.”  Journal of Research on Educational Effectiveness. 15(1): 78-102.  February 2022. 2022 - publications
Baird, M., Kofoed, M., Miller, T., and Jennie Wenger (2022). “Veteran Educators or For-Profiteers? Tuition Responses to Changes in the Post 9/11 GI Bill.” Journal of Policy Analysis and Management. (Forthcoming). 2022 - publications
Daugherty, L., Gerber, R., Martorell, F., Miller, T., and Emily Weisburst (2021). “Heterogeneity in the Effects of College Course Placement.” Research in Higher Education. 62: 1086-1111.  August 2021. 2021 - publications
Cunha, J., Miller, T., and Emily Weisburst (2018). “Information and College Decisions:  Evidence from the Texas GO Center Project.” Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis.  40(1): 151-170.  March 2018. 2018 - publications
Steele, J., Slater, R., Zamarro, G., Miller, T., Li, J., Burkhauser, S., and Michael Bacon (2017). “The Effect of Dual-Language Immersion on Student Performance in the Portland Public Schools: Evidence from Lottery Data.” American Educational Research Journal (Centennial Edition).  54(1S): 282-306. April 2017. 2017 - publications
Weisburst, E., Daugherty, L., Miller, T., Martorell, P., and Jana Cossairt (2017). “Innovative Pathways Through Developmental Education and Post-Secondary Success:  An Examination of Developmental Math Interventions Across Texas.”  Journal of Higher Education.  88(2):  183-209.  February 2017.  2017 - publications
Bozick, R., Miller, T., and Alessandro Malchiodi (2016). “Pre-Migration School Quality, Time Spent in the United States, and the Math Achievement of Immigrant High School Students.”  Demography.  53(5): 1477-1498.  October 2016. 2016 - publications
Martorell, P., Miller, T., Santibanez, L., and Catharine Augustine (2016). “Can Incentives for Parents and Students Change Educational Inputs?  Experimental Evidence from Summer School.” Economics of Education Review.  50(1): 113-126.  February 2016. 2016 - publications


RAND Bronze Medal Award - RAND Corporation [2015]
RAND Idea Showcase Winner - RAND Corporation [2012]


Director, Texas Schools Project
University of Texas at Dallas [2021–Present]
Principal Researcher
American Institutes for Research [2017–2020]
RAND Corporation [2009–2017]

Additional Information

Trey Miller, PhD, is an Associate Professor of Economics and Director of the Texas Schools Project in the School of Economic, Political and Policy Sciences at the University of Texas at Dallas.  Dr. Miller has led mixed methods research projects with multi-disciplinary research teams for clients including the Institute of Education Sciences, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Spencer Foundation, the Greater Texas Foundation, and the Houston Endowment.  Dr. Miller has led three IES-funded research projects with the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB), which are focused on informing the implementation and scaling of statewide reform to policies surrounding the delivery of postsecondary developmental education in Texas. Dr. Miller also currently serves as the Co-PI of the College Completion Network, which engages in research and coordinates the activities and dissemination strategies of five aligned IES-funded research projects evaluating strategies to improve student success in college.  Dr. Miller also recently completed a statewide study of dual credit education programs for THECB, and a study for REL Southwest assessing transitions to postsecondary education for students with disabilities in Texas.  In addition to research reports and briefs, Dr. Miller’s research has been published in top-tier journals including the American Educational Research Journal, Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis, Journal of Research on Educational Effectiveness, Research in Higher Education, Journal of Higher Education, Economics of Education Review and Demography.  Dr. Miller also has extensive experience presenting research to policymakers and practitioners including the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, Texas Association of Community Colleges, the Texas Governor’s Office, and the Texas Senate and House Education Committees; and his commentaries have appeared in outlets including the Texas Tribune, US News and World Report, and the RAND Blog.

News Articles

Researchers To Tackle Challenges for Community College Students


An Experimental Evaluation of Corequisite Developmental Education in Texas (Principal Investigator)
$4,499,992 - US Department of Education, Institute of Education Sciences (R305H170085) [2015/08–2022/12]
Part-time College Students in Texas: Characterizing Enrollment Patterns, Understanding the Issues they Face, and Identifying Promising Approaches to Promote Their Success (Principal Investigator)
$302,702 - Greater Texas Foundation [2021/11–2023/12]
Understanding How Texas Community College Campuses are Supporting Student Mental Well-Being (Co-PI with Holly Kosiewicz)
$149,961 - Trellis Foundation [2021/10–2023/07]
The Distributional Effects of Secondary Career and Technical Educational (CTE) Programs on Postsecondary Educational and Employment Outcomes: An Evaluation of Delaware's CTE Programs of Study” Co-Investigator (with Luke Rhine, PI of Subaward to UT Dallas).
$999,999 ($98,314 to UT Dallas) - US Department of Education, Institute of Education Sciences (R305S210008) [2021/09–2024/08]
Scalable Strategies to Support College Completion Network Lead (Co-PI with Eric Bettinger)
$1,999,122 - US Department of Education, Institute of Education Sciences (R305N170003) []