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Susan Chizeck

Susan Chizeck

Lecturer I - Interdisciplinary Studies
Director of IS Internship Program

Professional Preparation

Ph.D. - Social Work
Rutgers University - 1983
MA - Sociology
Princeton University - 1975
MA - East Asian Studies
Stanford University - 1972
BA - History
Douglass College - 1969

Research Areas


Experiential education, internships

medical sociology

chronic illness, especially hidden illnesses

child welfare

foster care issues, child welfare


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National Defense Foreign Language Fellowship - Princeton University
National Defense Foreign Language Fellowship - Stanford University
Leon Lowengard Fellowship - Princeton and Stanford
NIH Training Grant - Rutgers University


conference workshops
2018–2018 Numerous conference presentations on internship and experiential education issues at NSEE annual conference since 1990's

Additional Information

Editor, NSEE Quarterly, the Journal of the National Society for Experiential Education, since Nov. 2003


National Society for Experiential Education
National Association of Social Workers
American Sociological Association