Sivaram Cheruvu

Assistant Professor of Political Science
+1 (972) 883-4942
GR 3.802B
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Tags: Political Science

Professional Preparation

PhD - Political Science
Emory University - 2021
MA - Political Science
Emory University - 2020
MSc - Politics and Government in the European Union
London School of Economics and Political Science - 2015
BA - Political Science
Rutgers University - 2014

Research Areas

Sivaram researches comparative institutions with an emphasis on the conditions under which checks and balances can constrain the behavior of governments. Specifically, Sivaram investigates how judicial and compliance-monitoring institutions lacking the tools of enforcement can uphold the legal order, while facing potentially noncooperative executives, legislatures, and citizens.

His research is featured in European Union Politics, Journal of European Public Policy, Journal of Law and Courts, Journal of Politics, and Journal of Political Institutions and Political Economy. He also received the 2020 APSA Law and Courts Section Best Graduate Student Paper Award, and the 2021 Neal Tate Award for best paper on judicial politics presented at the 2020 SPSA conference.


When does the European Commission Pursue Noncompliance? 2022 - Journal Article
Delegation, Compliance, and Judicial Decision Making in the Court of Justice of the European Union 2022 - Journal Article
Can International Courts Enhance Domestic Judicial Review? Separation of Powers and the European Court of Justice 2022 - Journal Article
Improving the efficiency of pretrial bargaining in disputes over noncompliance with international law: encouraging evidence from the European Union 2021 - Journal Article
The COVID-19 Pandemic and Public Support for European Integration: Evidence from Germany 2021 - Journal Article
How do institutional constraints affect judicial decision-making? The European Court of Justice’s French language mandate 2019 - Journal Article


Neal Tate Award - Southern Political Science Association [2021]
Best Graduate Student Paper - Law and Courts Section, American Political Science Association [2020]

Additional Information

PSCI 3351: Comparative Courts and Law - Fall 2021
PSCI 4363: International Law - Fall 2022
PSCI 6342: Comparative Courts and Law  - Spring 2022
PSCI 6321: Proseminar in Comparative Politics - Fall 2022

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