Kevin Siqueira

Associate Professor of Economics
GR 2.537
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Tags: Economics

Professional Preparation

Ph.D. - Public Economics, Environmental Economics, Microeconomic Theory
Iowa State University - 1998
M.B.A. - Finance, Economics, and International Business
University of Illinois at Chicago - 1991
B.B.A. - Production Management/Operations Research
Loyola University - 1987


Chao, Hong, and Kevin Siqueira. Mixed Incentive Contracts in Partnerships. Forthcoming in International Journal of Economic Theory. forthcoming - Publication
Siqueira, Kevin, and Petros Sekeris. Politics and Insurgencies. Economics & Politics. Vol. 24, 2012, 157-181. 2012 - Publication
Siqueira, Kevin, and Todd Sandler. Terrorist Networks, Support, and Delegation. Public Choice, Vol. 142, 2010, 237-253. 2010 - Publication
Sandler, Todd, and Kevin Siqueira. Games and Terrorism: Recent Developments. Simulation & Gaming, Vol. 40, 2009, 164-192. 2009 - Publication
Siqueira, Kevin, Todd Sandler, and Jon Cauley. Common Agency and State-Owned Enterprise Reform.China Economic Review, Vol. 20, 2009, 208-217. 2009 - Publication
Siqueira, Kevin and Todd Sandler. Defensive Counterterrorism Measures and Domestic Politics. Defence and Peace Economics, Vol. 19, 2008, 405-413. 2008 - Publication
Siqueira, Kevin. Common and Exclusive Agencies and Partial Delegation. Journal of Law, Economics & Organization, Vol.23, 2007, 141-160. 2007 - Publication
Siqueira, Kevin, and Todd Sandler. Terrorist Backlash, Terrorism Mitigation, and Policy Delegation. Journal of Public Economics, Vol. 91, 2007, 1800-1815 2007 - Publication
Sandler, Todd, and Kevin Siqueira. Global Terrorism: Deterrence versus Preemption. Canadian Journal of Economics, Vol. 39, 2006, 1370-1387. 2006 - Publication
Siqueira, Kevin, and Todd Sandler. Terrorists versus the Government: Strategic Interaction, Support, and Sponsorship. Journal of Conflict Resolution, Vol. 50, 2006, 878-898. 2006 - Publication


Associate Professor
University of Texas at Dallas [2006–Present]
Temporary Instructor
Drake University [1999–1999]
Associate Professor
Clarkson University [1999–2006]
Temporary Instructor
Iowa State University [1998–1999]
Research Analyst/Consultant
Institute of Defense Analyses [1996–1998]
Teacher's Assistant
Iowa State University [1995–1997]
Research Assistant
Iowa State University [1991–1995]
Teacher's Assistant, Minority Affairs
University of Illinois at Chicago, College of Business Administration [1990–1991]
Solo Cup Company [1988–1990]
Plant Manager
Triple-X Packaging Company [1986–1988]


Political and Militant Wings within Dissident Movementsand Organizations.
2005–2005 International Studies Association (ISA), Honolulu, HI.
Terrorist Backlash, Terrorism Prevention, and Policy Delegation.
2006–2006 Cornell University, The Private Provision of Public Goods Conference/Workshop, Ithaca, NY.
International Externalities, Strategic Interaction, and Domestic Politics.
2002–2002 Public Choice Society Conference, San Diego, CA. Also Chair of session on Economics and the Environment II.
Global Terrorism: Deterrence versus Preemption/ Global and Regional Public Goods.
2004–2004 International Studies Association (ISA), Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
Terrorist Networks, Support, and Delegation.
2009–2009 Royal Military College, Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

Additional Information

  • American Economic Association
  • Public Choice Society
  • International Defence Economics Association
  • University of Texas at Dallas
    • UniversityAd Hoc Committee for Third Year Review, Fall 2007
    • University Intellectual Property Committee, Fall 2007
    • Outside Chair for Doctoral Final Oral Exam, Fall 2009
    • School of Economics, Political and Policy Sciences Economic Search Committee, Fall 2007  
    •  Schoolof Economics, Political and Policy Sciences PhD. Dissertation Committee, Spring 2007, 2008, 2009
  • Clarkson University
    • University Faculty Senate, Spring 2000, Fall 2005- Spring 2006
    • University Integrity Committee, Fall 2000-2003
    • University Foundation Curriculum Committee, Spring 2003
    • University and School of Business Math Committee, Fall 2003
    • Schoolof Business, Economics and Financial Studies Committee, Fall 2001-Spring 2006
    • School of Business, Management of Technology Curriculum Committee, Fall 2001-Spring 2006   
    • Schoolof Business, Undergraduate Policy Committee, Fall 2000-2001, Fall 2005
    • Schoolof Business, CUSB/Math Committee, Fall 2003
    • School of Business, Supply Management Committee, Fall 2003
    • Schoolof Business, Outcomes Assessment Committee, 1999-2001
    • Schoolof Business, Electronic Commerce Committee, Fall 2000-2001
    • Schoolof Business, Area Representative for Economics and Finance, Fall 2000-2001
    • School of Business, Economics Search Committee, Spring 2001 and Spring 2002
  • Journal of Public Economic Theory, Research in Economics, Journal of Conflict Resolution, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, Conflict Management and Peace Science, International Studies Quarterly, European Journal of Political Economy, The Review of International Organizations, The American Journal of Political Science, Southern Journal of Economics, Security Dialogue, Journal of Public Economics, Environmental and Resource Economics, Defence and Peace Economics, Journal of Peace Research