Simon Fass

Associate Professor of Public Policy and Political Economy
GR 3.224
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Tags: Social Data Analytics and Research Public Policy Political Economy

Professional Preparation

Ph.D. - Urban Planning
University of California - 1978
M.A. - Urban Planning
University of California - 1973
B. Architecture
University of British Columbia - 1970

Research Areas

Research Interests
Interests span a variety of policy themes, including education, economic development, justice, and substance abuse. Current research focus is on population growth and environmental degradation, the evolution of modern pawn broking, effectiveness of drug and mental health courts, and exploration of meanings that people attach to sacred structures.


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Associate Professor
University of Texas at Dallas [1988–Present]
United States Agency for International Development [1980–1980]
Assistant Professor
University of Minnesota [1980–1988]
World Bank [1979–1979]
Assistant Director/Planning
Asian Development Bank [1978–1979]
World Bank [1977–1977]
Haitian Ministry of Finance [1976–1976]
Inter-American Institute of Agricultural Sciences / Inter-American Development Bank [1976–1976]
Urban Planner
UN Centre for Human Settlements-Habitat [1974–1976]
Regional Planner
Southern California Association of Governments [1973–1973]


Aid, the State, and Civil Society
1996–1996 paper, OECD-European Community Joint Conference on Development Assistance to West Africa in the 21st Century , October 9-12, 1996, Brussels, Belgium.
Theory, Disaggregation, and Causality in Regional Development
1986–1986 paper, Annual Meeting of the Association of American Geographers, May 3-7, 1986, Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Design of National Income Surveys
1998–1998 presentation, U.S. Agency for International Development, Mission to Haiti, Port-au-Prince, Haiti, June 1, 1998
The Housing Process in Port-au-Prince, Haiti
1988–1988 paper, Conference on Low-Income Shelter and Urban Development Issues and Strategies, July 28-29, 1988, Bridgetown, Barbados.
Project and Program Evaluation in Local Government
2008–2008 presentation to the Plano Issues Forum, City of Plano, July 19, 2008

Additional Information

University committees (recent)
  • member, Academic Senate Ad hoc Committee on online surveys, 2011 
  • member, Faculty Senate 2010-2011 
  • member, Institutional Review Board, 2007-2009 
  • member, Committee on Education Policy, 2005-2007 
  • member, University Safety Committee 2000-2002 
School activities and committees (recent)
  • Coordinator, Graduate Certificate in Evaluation Research program, 2009- 
  • member, PAFF Methods Qualifying Examination Committee, 2010- 
  • member, NASPAA Accreditation preparation Committee, 2009-10 
  • member, PPPE Methods Qualifying Examination Committee, 2004-10 
  • member, EPPS Faculty Advisory Committee 2008-10 
  • member, Committee on the MPA Program, 2000-2005 
  • member, Quality Teaching Committee, 2000-2002
Courses developed (recent)
  • PA 7330 Research Design in Public Affairs, 2011 
  • PA 5319 Management and Practice of International Development, 2009 
  • ECO 4396 History of Economic Ideas, 2009 
  • PA 6341 Urban Development, 2008 
  • ECO 4396 Economics of Religion, 2006 
  • ECO 3315 Economics of Sports 2004

News Articles

EPPS Team Examines Construction Accidents in Gulf Region
Inadequate training, limited use of safety equipment and a lack of government oversight contribute to deaths and injuries among construction workers in the rapidly developing Arabian Gulf region, also known as the Persian Gulf, a UT Dallas study found.

Three School of Economic, Political and Policy Sciences researchers analyzed a sample of 519 incidents and interviewed safety experts to understand the types and causes of construction accidents in Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. The study was published online in the journal Applied Ergonomics.
University Adds New Graduate Program in Social Data Analytics
Beginning in fall 2017, the School of Economic, Political and Policy Sciences (EPPS) will offer a new master’s degree in data analytics and research that focuses on the social sciences. 
 The interdisciplinary social data analytics and research degree is designed to meet the demand for graduates who are highly skilled in methods of analysis and research in public, nonprofit and business organizations, said Dr. Simon Fass, associate professor of public policy and director of the new program.
U.T. Dallas' Dr. Simon Fass Appointed to Roster Of Prestigious Fulbright Senior Specialists Program
RICHARDSON, Texas (June 12, 2002) -- Dr. Simon Fass, associate professor of public administration and political economy in the School of Social Sciences at The University of Texas at Dallas (UTD), has been named to the prestigious Senior Specialists Roster of the Fulbright Scholar Program, the U.S. government's flagship program in international educational exchange.

As a result of his five-year appointment, Fass, whose work focuses on social, economic and political development in Africa, Asia and the Caribbean, will visit universities overseas for periods of up to six weeks to lecture and conduct collaborative research in the fields of public administration and urban planning.
UTD Professor to Evaluate Effectiveness Of Dallas County Juvenile Drug Court
RICHARDSON, Texas (Dec. 3, 2003) - A professor at The University of Texas at Dallas (UTD) has received a federal grant to evaluate Dallas County's juvenile drug court program. 

Dr. Simon Fass, associate professor of public affairs in UTD's School of Social Sciences, has won an award of $52,000 from the United States Department of Justice to study the effectiveness of the innovative drug court program in reducing juvenile delinquency.   Fass' grant is part of a larger award of $500,000 that the Dallas County Juvenile Department will use to fund the court for the next three years. 

Juvenile drug courts are intensive, judicially supervised treatment programs intended to reduce substance abuse and delinquency among youth and their families.   Under the program, judges impose a range of sanctions and incentives to hold youth - who are subject to frequent drug testing - accountable for their actions.   The court approach differs from standard judicial practice wherein a young person violating drug laws might simply get a warning for a first offense, be placed on probation for a second, and along the way receive limited or no counseling and treatment.
Two UTD Professors to Study How Juvenile Justice Responds to Girls Who Are Arrested
RICHARDSON, Texas (Jan. 27, 2004) — Dr. Kimberly Kempf-Leonard and Dr. Bruce Jacobs, two professors of criminology, sociology and political economy in the School of Social Sciences at The University of Texas at Dallas (UTD), have been awarded $72,000 by the state Criminal Justice Division to study how the juvenile justice system in Texas responds to the growing number of girls arrested.   The funds are part of a larger federal challenge grant program from the U. S. Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention. 

A goal of the research project will be to help ensure that female juvenile offenders (up to age 16) in the Dallas County Juvenile Justice System are treated equitably and effectively.   Specifically, the UTD research will try to determine whether, how, and at which stages there may be differential processing based on gender and to assess current difficulties in the delivery of services for girls and ways in which modifications can make the system better.


Association of Public Policy and Management National Association of Scholars American Association of University Professors


Implementation and evaluation of Drug Court Parent Empowerment Program
$233,150 - U.S. Dept. of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, Juvenile Accountability Block Grant [2007–2008]
Assessment of efficacy of program to prevent relapse among recovering addicts
$54,000 - U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services, SAMHS Administration [2004–2007]
Evaluation of impact of Dallas County Juvenile Drug Court on recidivism
$52,000 - U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, Bureau of Justice Assistance [2003–2006]
Evaluation of effectiveness of substance abuse treatment programs
$27,000 - Dallas County Juvenile Department [2000–2000]
Cost-benefit analysis of juvenile justice system sentencing
$218,000 - U.S. Dept of Justice, National Institute of Juvenile Justice & Delinquency Prevention [1997–2000]