Sheena D'Arcy

Assistant Professor - Chemistry
Tags: Biochemistry and Chemical Biology Theoretical, Physical or Analytical Chemistry

Professional Preparation

PhD - Structural Biology
University of Cambridge, UK - 2008
BS - Biochemistry and Biology
University of Sydney, Australia - 2003


A Positive Spin on the Centromere 2009 - Journal Article
The Crystal Structure of the N-Terminal Region of BUB1 Provides Insight into the Mechanism of BUB1 Recruitment to Kinetochores 2009 - Journal Article

News Articles

NIH Grant Enables Chemist To Unwrap DNA Mysteries
Dr. Sheena D’Arcy, assistant professor of chemistry in the School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, recently received a Maximizing Investigators’ Research Award for Early Stage Investigators (ESI-MIRA) (grant number R35GM133751) from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS), a component of the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

D’Arcy’s research focuses on the structure and function of the proteins that are involved in gene transcription — the process of “reading” DNA instructions to create the proteins that carry out life functions.