Benjamin Carrion Schaefer

Assistant Professor - Electrical Engineering
+1(972) 883-4531
UTD profile
Tags: FPGA Hihg-Level Synthesis Reconfiguralble Computing EDA Design Automation VLSI design

Professional Preparation

PhD - Electrical Engineering
The University of Birmingham, UK - 2003


Design of complex image processing systems in ESL 2010 - Conference Paper
Fixed Point Data Type Modeling for High Level Synthesis 2010 - Journal Article
Semi-Automatic Control Unit Generation for Complex VLSI Designs 2010 - Journal Article
Adaptive Simulated Annealer for high level synthesis design space exploration 2009 - Conference Paper
“All-in-C” Behavioral Synthesis and Verification with CyberWorkBench 2008 - Other
Temperature-Aware Compilation for VLIWProcessors 2007 - Conference Paper
Acceleration of the Discrete Element Method (DEM) on a reconfigurable co-processor 2004 - Journal Article
Analysis and implementation of the discrete element method using a dedicated highly parallel architecture in reconfigurable computing 2002 - Conference Paper
Scalable Implementation of the Discrete Element Method on a Reconfigurable Computing Platform 2002 - Other
Evaluation of an FPGA Implementation of the Discrete Element Method 2001 - Other