Saikat Biswas

Saikat Biswas

Assistant Professor of Instruction - Mathematical Sciences
FO 2.104
Tags: Number Theory

Professional Preparation

PhD - Pure Mathematics
Florida State University - 2011
MS - Pure Mathematics
Florida State University - 2009
MSc - Pure Mathematics
University of St Andrews - 2005

Research Areas

Arithmetic Geometry


Capitulation, unit groups, and the cohomology of S-idele classes - Preprint
Brauer groups of torsors under algebraic tori - Preprint
Groups of components of Neron models of Jacobians and Brauer groups 2015 - Journal article
Tamagawa torsors of an Abelian variety 2015 - Journal article
Constructing non-trivial elements of the Shafarevich-Tate group of an Abelian variety over a number field 2013 - Journal article


Dwight B Goodner Fellowship for Excellence in Teaching - Florida State University [2011]


Assistant Professor of Instruction
University of Texas at Dallas [2023–Present]
Instructional Assistant Professor
Texas A&M University [2017–2023]
Research Assistant Professor
Arizona State University [2014–2017]
Assistant Professor
University of Minnesota at Morris [2013–2014]
Visiting Assistant Professor
Georgia Institute of Technology [2011–2013]