Russell Stoneback

Assistant Professor - Physics
Tags: Physics

Research Areas

Physics of the upper atmosphere
  • Ionospheric electrodynamics and irregularities
  • Forcing from the neutral atmosphere
  • Magnetosphere-Ionosphere coupling
  • In-situ plasma instruments that measure ion density, composition, velocity, and temperature
  • In-situ neutral particle instruments that measure neutral density and velocity
  • CubeSat platforms, individual and constellations

  • Python tools for open and reproducible Space Science
  • Data based assimilation techniques

News Articles

Dr. Stoneback is Rocking It: Light Guitar and Space Science
Dr. Russell Stonebackspent his childhood with lots of questions needing answers, developing an avid interest in the physical properties and phenomena of the world around him.

He went on to pursue those physics interests at UT Austin, where he also started playing music and supported himself by working in construction. That harmonious combination of skills encompasses a passion for building things, knowledge of the laws of physics, and a love of music, led Dr. Russell Stoneback, Assistant Professor of Physics at UT Dallas and member in the William B. Hanson Center for Space Sciences, to eventually see the light. Light Guitar, that is.
UT Dallas Researchers Talk, Rock at STEM Lecture for Teens
Engineering and physics faculty members from The University of Texas at Dallas recently showed area high school students how their interest in STEM fields can translate into academic research and entrepreneurial opportunities.
Rafael Martín, interim vice president for research at UT Dallas, introduced Dr. Walter Voit BS'05, MS'06, associate professor of mechanical engineering and materials science and engineering, and Dr. Russell Stoneback MS’06, PhD’09, assistant professor of physics, who talked about their research during the 14th Annual Math & Science Lecture Series at Yvonne A. Ewell Townview Magnet Center.