Russell Hulse

Regental Professor
Assoc VP for Strategic Init - Science and Engineer Ed Center

Professional Preparation

M.A. - Physics
The University of Massachusetts, Amherst - 1975
Ph.D. - Physics
The University of Massachusetts, Amherst - 1975
B.S. - Physics
The Cooper Union, New York, NY - 1970

Research Areas

Computer Modelling Environments
Computer modeling software systems addressing user interface and code development issues for large scale scientific computing.
Research History and Current Interests

Previous Research:

  1. Pulsar radio astronomy, including pulsar searches and discovery of the binary pulsar PSR1913+16
  2. Computer modelling of transport and atomic processes in magnetically confined controlled thermonuclear fusion plasmas

Current Interests include:

  1. Science Education, with a special focus on science museums and "informal" science education, Project based learning systems, and other approaches to integrated STEM learning
  2. Science policy & the interdisciplinary advancement of science and technology
K-12 Science Education
Investigations into the use of computer modeling, computer-instrumented hands-on experiments, and other approaches to improved K-12 science and technology education.
Contact Science
The goal of the Contact Science program is to deliveer hands-on  science to local communities using small-scale traveling science exhibits hosted by public libraries. This approach to informal science education takes advantage of the broad socio-economic access afforded by libraries to provide an ongoing, readily accessible science education presence within a highly diverse range of communities. Associated books, group activities, take-home projects and mentoring will support and extend the exhibit program. Successful prototyping in our local community library has the program poised to expand to regional, and ultimately, national scope.


The Discovery of the Binary Pulsar, Russel A. Hulse, Reviews of Modern Physics 66, 699. 1994 - Publication
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Numerical Studies of Impurities in Fusion Plasmas, R. A. Hulse, Nucl. Tech. / Fusion 3, 259 1983 - Publication
Charge Exchange as a Recombination Mechanism in High Temperature Plasmas, R.A. Hulse, D.E. Post, and D.R. Mikkelsen, J. Phys. B 13, 3895 1980 - Publication
A Deep Sample of New Pulsars and Their Spatial Extent in the Galaxy, R.A. Hulse and J.H. Taylor, Ap. J. 201, L55 1975 - Publication
Discovery of a Pulsar in a Binary System, R.A. Hulse and J.H. Taylor, Ap. J. 195, L51 1975 - Publication
Nonlinear Transport Modeling of TFTR Pellet Density Relaxation, R.A. Hulse, invited talk, Transport Task Force Meeting, Austin, TX 1970 - Publication


Regental Professor and Associate Professor for Strategic Initiatives
University of Texas at Dallas [2007–Present]
Member, Board of Directors
Battelle Memorial Institute [2006–Present]
Associate Vice President for Research and Economic Development
University of Texas at Dallas [2004–2007]
Principal Research Physicist
Princeton University, Princeton, NJ [1977–2007]
Research Associate
National Radio Astronomy Observatory, Charlottesville, VA [1975–1977]


The Discovery of the Binary Pulsar
2018–2018 Novel Prize Lecture, Les Prix Nobel

Additional Information

  1. Nobel Prize in Physics
  2. Fellow, American Physical Society
  3. Fellow, Institute of Physics
  4. Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science
  5. Distinguished Research Fellow, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
  6. Gano Dunn Alumni Award for Achievement in Science, The Cooper Union
  7. Doctor of Science, University of Massachusetts
Professional Societies
  1. American Association for the Advancement of Science
  2. American Physical Society
  3. American Astronomical Society
  4. Institute of Physics
Current Additional Professional Activities
  1. Engineering Advisory Council, Cooper Union School of Engineering
  2. Program Advisory Committee, Plasma Science Advanced Computing Institute
  3. Consultant, Institute for Defense Analysis
  4. DoD Missile Defense Advisory Committee
  5. Various other advisory and consultant roles in research, education and business

News Articles

Nobel Laureate Russell Hulse To Support Strategic Initiatives at UT Dallas
Nobel laureate and physics pioneer Dr. Russell A. Hulse, discoverer of the first binary pulsar, has been named Regental Professor and associate vice president for strategic initiatives at The University of Texas at Dallas. 

Hulse began his affiliation with the University as visiting pofessor of physics and science and math education in January 2004. That appointment, which was concurrent with his position at Princeton University’s Plasma Physics Laboratory, concluded when he retired from Princeton in July.
Nobel Laureate Russell Hulse of UT Dallas Named Director of Science, Technology Firm
Nobel laureate Dr. Russell A. Hulse, associate vice president for research and economic development at The University of Texas at Dallas, has been elected to the board of directors of Battelle, the world’s largest independent research and development organization.  As part of its wide-ranging activities, Battelle manages or co-manages a number of national laboratories for the federal government.

“Russell Hulse is one of the world's preeminent physicists and has been since the discovery more than 30 years ago that led to his Nobel Prize,” said John B. McCoy, chairman of the Battelle board of directors. “He will bring tremendous experience and knowledge to Battelle and we are very pleased to welcome him to the board.”
1993 Nobel Laureate Dr. Russell Hulse To Join U. T. Dallas as Visiting Professor
RICHARDSON , Texas ( Nov. 17, 2003 ) - Dr. Russell A. Hulse of Princeton University, the discoverer of the first binary pulsar and co-recipient of the 1993 Nobel Prize in physics, will affiliate with The University of Texas at Dallas (UTD) as a visiting professor of physics and of science and math education, beginning in January.

Hulse will be involved with developing innovative science and mathematics education programs for primary and secondary schools, including those in several Texas school districts, as well as with developing activities in more informal settings, such as libraries. Hulse also will continue to pursue his diverse research interests, including computer modeling and sensor systems for micro air vehicles. Several of these research areas will have close ties to the education programs Hulse plans to help develop in the Dallas area.
Nobel Laureate Dr. Russell Hulse To Give Lecture Sept. 5 at U. T. Dallas
RICHARDSON, Texas (Aug. 4, 2003) — As a research student, Dr. Russell Hulse, together with his thesis advisor, Dr. Joseph Taylor, made a discovery that provided some of the best "cosmic laboratory" evidence in support of Einstein’s theory of general relativity and won them the 1993 Nobel Prize in Physics. Hulse, now the principal research physicist at the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory at Princeton University, will visit The University of Texas at Dallas (UTD) next month to give a Distinguished Researcher Lecture entitled "An Astronomical Detective Story: The Discovery of the Binary Pulsar" to mark the 10-year anniversary of winning the Nobel Prize. 
Nobel Laureate Dr. Russell Hulse to Speak About Bringing Science into Neighborhoods
RICHARDSON, Texas (March 23, 2005) – Dr. Russell A. Hulse, a Nobel Prize winner and a visiting professor at The University of Texas at Dallas (UTD), will make the case for community-based science education at a talk on Monday evening, April 11, at UTD. 

Hulse’s presentation, “Science, From Nobel to Neighborhoods,” will be the fifth and final talk in the UTD Center for Science Education Research’s 2004-2005 Seminar Series for Life-Long Learners. The series, which featured talks by members of the university’s Science/Mathematics Education faculty on subjects in the fields of science and math, is aimed at classroom teachers and other educators, young adults, parents and grandparents of students and others.