Rodney Andrews

Assistant Professor - Economic Political and Policy
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Professional Preparation

Ph.D. - Economics
University of Michigan-Ann Arbor - 2007
M.A. - Economics
University of Michigan-Ann Arbor - 2002
B.S. - Bachelors of Science in Economics
Georgia Institute of Technology - 1999

Research Areas

Research Interests

Economics of Education, Labor Economics, Public Finance, Applied Microeconometrics, Program Evaluation, Health Economics


"Comments on \Black Americans in the 21st Century: Should We Be Optimistic or Con- cerned?"" Review of Black Political Economy 37(3-4) (2010), 253{255 2010 - Publication
The Effects of the Kalamazoo Promise on College Choice" (with Stephen DesJardins and Vimal Ranchhod) Economics of Education Review 29(5) (2010), 722-737 2010 - Publication
Family Health, Children's Own Health, and Test Score Gaps, (with Trevon Logan) American Economics Review 100(2) (2010), 195-199 2010 - Publication
Estimating The Responsiveness of College Applications to the Likelihood of Acceptance and Financial Assistance: Evidence from Texas, (with V. Ranchhod and V. Sathy) Economics of Education Review 29(1) (2010), 104-115 2010 - Publication
Bergstrom et al 1986: A correction, Journal of Public Economics 90(4-5) (2006), 957-958 2006 - Publication


Director - The University of Texas at Dallas [2011–2018]
Assistant Professor - University of Texas at Dallas [2009–Present]
Robert Wood Johnson Scholars - Harvard University [2007–2009]


Analysis of the July 6th Upcoming Federal Elections 2003
2003–2003 Guest Speaker in the U.S.-Mexico Commerce Chamber (USMCOC) Roundtable, June 27th, 2003, Irving, Texas, USA
Mexico's Demographic Transition: Public Policy and Spatial Process
2018–2018 Lecturer in the Third European Congress of Latin American Scholars, Netherlands Association for Latin American and Caribbean Studies, July 2002, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Diversification of Exports in Venezuela: 1965 - 1996
2018–2018 Lecturer in the 2000 meeting of the Latin American Studies Association, March, 2000, Miami, Florida, USA.
The Political Vote of Mexicans Abroad: A Jurisdictional Perspective
2018–2018 Lecturer in the Symposium of Mexican Political Action Abroad, September 2001, Dallas, Texas, USA.
Mexico 2006 Countdown Series: Analysis of the State of the Union 2006
2018–2018 Guest Speaker in the U.S.-Mexico Commerce Chamber (USMCOC) Roundtable, September 30th, 2003, Irving, Texas, USA

Additional Information

Awards and Fellowships
  • 2000-2002 Rackham Minority Fellowship
  • 2002-2006 Pre-Doctoral Fellowship, Research and Training Program in Poverty and Public Policy, University of Michigan
  • 2005-2006 Spencer Dissertation Fellowship
  • 2007-2009 Robert Wood Johnson Scholars in Health Policy Research Postdoctoral Fellowship-Harvard University
  • 2008-2010 National Institute of Health Loan Repayment Plan
  • Diversity Initiative for Tenure in Economics (DITE) Fellow 2008-2011
Personal Statement

Rodney Andrews, a Harvard University Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Scholar, is an assistant professor of economics in the School of Economic, Political and Policy Sciences and director of the Texas Schools Project.

While Dr. Andrews as investigated a range of topics including health policy, his recent focus is on the economics of education and, more specifically, the topics of college paths, returns to college quality, and pre-K effects on student achievement. Papers on these topics and other education research can be found under “Papers.”

Furthermore, Dr. Andrews’ has also completed research focusing on the college application process and how it is impacted by financial assistance in “The Effects of the Kalamazoo Promise on College Choice” and “Estimating the Responsiveness of College Applications to the Likelihood of Acceptance and Financial Assistance: Evidence from Texas,” both that have been published in the Economics of Education Review.

Dr. Andrews received his PhD in Economics from the University of Michigan.

Works in Progress
  • Alternatives to Affirmative Action, High School Quality, and College Performance
  • The Impact of Colorblind Admissions on the Educational Expectations of Texas's High School Graduates
  • The Effects of Gratz v. Bollinger and Grutter v. Bollinger on Applications and Admissions at an Elite Public University
  • The Effects of High School Courses on Subsequent Educational and Labor Market Outcomes ( with Steve DesJardins, Kristin Klopfenstein, and Brian McCall)
  • The ffects of Universal Pre-K in Texas (with Paul Jargowsky and Kristin Kuhne)