Richard Harrison

Associate Professor - Management
Tags: Organizations, Strategy and International Management

Professional Preparation

Ph.D. - Business
Stanford University - 1986
M.B.A. Program and Ph.D. Program - School of Business Administration
University of California at Berkeley - 1977
Ph.D. Program - Department of Mathematics
University of California at Berkeley - 1971
Ph.D. Program - Department of Physics
University of Texas at Austin - 1969
B.S. with high honors - Mathematics
University of Oklahoma - 1969
B.S. - Physics
University of Oklahoma - 1969

Research Areas


Research on organizational culture, corporate governance and control, top management behavior, competitive strategy, and computer simulation of organizational processes.

Teach organization theory and strategy.


Elucidating Strategic Network Dynamics through Computational Modeling. With Z. Lin, J. Kitts, and H. Yang. Computational and Mathematical Organization Theory. Forthcoming. 2008 - Publication
Corporate Governance and National Culture: A Multi-country Study. With J. Li. Corporate Governance: The International Journal of Business in Society. Forthcoming. 2008 - Publication
Simulation Modeling in Organizational and Management Research. With Z. Lin, G. Carroll, and K. Carley. Academy of Management Review. 32 (2007): 1229-1245. 2007 - Publication
Simulating Organizational Processes. Harrison, Richard (ed). Amsterdam, The Netherlands: Elsevier, 2006. 2006 - Publication
Culture and Demography in Organizations. With Glenn R. Carroll. New Jersey: Princeton University Press, 2006. 2006 - Publication
Organizations, Agents, and the Evolution of Complexity. Simulation Modeling Practice and Theory. 2006, 14.4 (2006): 339-341. 2006 - Publication
Group Diversity Dynamics and Decision Quality. With Orlando Richard. Proceedings of the International Institute for Advanced Studies in Systems Research and Cybernetics. Baden-Baden, Germany: July 29-August 5, 2004. 2004 - Publication
Models of Growth in Organizational Ecology: A simulation Assessment. Industrial and Corporate Change. 13.1 (2004): 243-261. 2004 - Publication
Group Diversity and Post-Decision Surprise. Proceedings of the International Institute for Advanced Studies in Systems Research and Cybernetics. Baden-Baden, Germany: July 31-August 5, 2002. 2002 - Publication
The Dynamics of Cultural Influence Networks. With G. Carroll. Computational and Mathematical Organization Theory. 8.1 (2002): 5-30. 2002 - Publication


Visiting Professor
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology [2005–2005]
Visiting Scholar
Stanford University [2002–2003]
Visiting Scholar
Netherlands Institute for Advanced Studies [2001–2001]
Visiting Scholar
University of Amsterdam [1999–1999]
Visiting Scholar
University of California at Berkeley [1999–1999]
Visiting Scholar
Northwestern University [1998–1998]
Visiting Professor
St. Petersburg Technical University, St. Petersburg, Russia [1995–1995]
Associate Professor of Management
University of Texas at Dallas [1991–Present]
Assistant Professor of Management
University of Texas at Dallas [1985–1991]
Assistant Professor
University of Arizona [1983–1985]


2018–2018 European University Institute (Florence) University of Alberta (Edmonton) Jiao Tong University (Shanghai) University of California at Berkeley Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology Long Beach State University Northwestern University St. Petersburg Technical University St. Petersburg University Stockholm School of Economics Tsinghua University (Beijing) University of California at Irvine University o f Chicago University o f Illinois at Champaign-Urbana University o f Michigan University of Texas at Austin

Additional Information

  • Kathryn Kiefer Eggleston. 1993. Performance and Survival in the Hospital Industry: Organizational Response to PPS.
  • James Edward Lunney III. 1997. Corporate Director Turnover in Large Corporations.
  • John Timothy Goines. 1998. Institutional Constraints and Opportunities: An Examination ofDomestic and Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions of Large Manufacturing Firms inEurope (1985-1994).
  • Marilyn Rose Kaplan. 1998. Interorganizational Cooperation: A Multitheoretical Perspective on Joint Ventures.
  • Michael E. Dobbs. 1999. The Organization of Professional Sports Leagues: Mortality and Founding Rates, 1871-1997.
  • Lei Li. 2003. Internationalization Dynamics of U.S Firms: Efficiency and Performance (Co-Chaired with Alan Rugman).
  • M. Alix Valenti. 2003. Determinants of Corporate Director Appointments: A Multi Model Approach.
  • Nancy Kucinski. 2004. Interests, Institutions, and Friends ofthe Court: An Analysis of Organizational Factors Related to Amicus Curiae Participation.
  • Xia Zhao. 2006. The Voluntary Adoption of Corporate Governance Reforms in the Post-Enron Era.
  • Maria Hasenhuttl. Causes and Consequences of Changes in the Compensation Committee of the Corporate Board of Directors. In progress.
  • International Academy of Sciences for Higher Education (elected 1995)
  • Foreign Academician, st. Petersburg (Russia) Academy of Engineering (elected 1993)
  • Halliburton Teaching Excellence Award, UTD School of Management (1990)
  • Phi Beta Kappa
  •  Academy of Management
  • Strategic Management Society
  • European Group for Organisational Studies
  • European Association for Decision Making

News Articles

Course Examines Local Craft Beer Brewing Boom
On a recent Tuesday evening, students in a new course, “The Craft Brewing Industry in Texas,” studiously watched a TV ad that mocked the very subject they were learning about.
“Let them sip their Pumpkin Peach Ale,” said the Budweiser ad. “Our beer is brewed for drinking, not dissecting.”

Bud might still be the “king of beers,” but the craft brewing revolution is challenging that throne, contributing $4.9 billion to the Texas economy alone last year, according to Dr. Richard Harrison, an associate professor in the Naveen Jindal School of Management who created the class.


Cultural Transmission in an Organizational Setting: Exploring the Empirical Implications of a Formal Model
$15,988 - Citigroup Behavioral Sciences Research Council [1999–2001]
Russian-American Graduate School of Management
$293,536 - United States Information Agency [1994–1996]