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Raja Khoury

Lecturer I - Math
FA 2.106

Not currently accepting undergraduate students


Professional Preparation

Ph.D - Mathematics
University Of Houston - 1997
M.S. - Mathematics
North Dakota State University - 1989
B.S. - Mathematics
North Dakota State University - 1987

Research Areas

λ(n)-convex functions Vondermonde Matrices and Convex Functions -  The goal of this research is to characterize the λ(n)-convex functions in terms of determinants and divided differences Vondermonde Matrices and Convex Functions.
Closest Matrices in the Space of Generalized Doubly Stochastic Matrices -  Let Ω̂(n) denote the set of generalized doubly stochastic n × n real matrices; that is matrices whose row and column sums are 1. The research in this paper concerns finding the closest matrix B* in Ω̂(n) to a given matrix A in M(n), the space of n × n real matrices. Let J(n) be the n × n matrix whose entries are all equal to 1/n and let I(n) be then × n identity matrix in M(n). We prove that B* = WAW + J(n), where W = I(n)J(n).  


Texas Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges
President - 2010-2012
Texas Association of Academic Administrators in the Mathematical Sciences
President - 2009-2010
Texas Community College Teacher Association
Secretary - 2013-2-14