Paul Pantano

Associate Professor - Chemistry
BE 3.506
Tags: Bioanalytical Chemistry Bionanosciences Nanosafety

Professional Preparation

Postdoctoral Scientist - Bioanalytical Chemistry
Tufts University - 1996
Postdoctoral Scientist - Bioanalytical Chemistry
Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris, France - 1994
Ph.D. - Analytical Chemistry
University of California at Riverside - 1993
M.S. - Analytical Chemistry
California State Polytechnic University at Pomona - 1988
B.S. - Chemistry
University of California at Los Angeles - 1986

Research Areas

Research Interests
The driving force of PantanoLABO is the development of elegant analytical techniques and methodologies to understand complex chemical systems.  Areas of expertise include the characterization of nanomaterials, the reproducible preparation of purified nanomaterial samples, the safe handling of nanomaterials, and the development of direct and label-free measurements of nanomaterials inside living cells and tissue. 


Acute and Chronic Toxicity of Metal Oxide Nanoparticles in Chemical Mechanical Planarization Slurries with Daphnia Magna, Karimi, S.; Troeung, M.; Wang, R.; Draper, R.K. and Pantano, P., Environmental Science: Nano 2018, 5, 1670-1684. - Publication
Quantitation of Cell-associated Carbon Nanotubes: Selective Binding and Accumulation of Carboxylated Carbon Nanotubes by Macrophages, Wang, R.; Lee, Jr., M.; Kinghorn, K.; Hughes, T.; Chuckaree, I.; Lohray, R.; Chow, E.; Pantano, P. and Draper, R.K., Nanotoxicology 2018, 12, 677-698. - Publication
Factors Affecting the 13.56-MHz Radio-Frequency Mediated Heating of Gold Nanoparticles, Pantano, P.; Harrison. C.D.; Poulose, J.; Urrabazo Jr., D.; Norman, T.Q.; Braun, E.I.; Draper, R.K. and Overzet, L.J., Applied Spectroscopy Reviews 2017, 52, 821-836.  - Publication
Use of Raman Spectroscopy to Identify Carbon Nanotube Contamination at an Analytical Balance Workstation, Braun, E.I.; Huang, A.; Tusa, C.A.; Yukica, M.A. and Pantano, P., Journal of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene 2016, 13, 915-923.  - Publication
The Impact of Cellular Location on the Near Infrared-Mediated Thermal Ablation of Cells by Targeted Carbon Nanotubes, Murali, V.S.; Wang, R.; Mikoryak, C.; Pantano, P. and Draper, R.K., Nanotechnology 2016, 27, 425102 (15 pgs).  - Publication
Enhanced Surface Acidity for Surfactant-Free Suspensions of Carboxylated Carbon Nanotubes Purified by Centrifugation, Braun, E.I.; Draper, R. and Pantano, P., Analytical Chemistry Research 2016, 8, 26-33.  - Publication
Toxicity Assessment and Bioaccumulation in Zebrafish Embryos Exposed to Carbon Nanotubes Suspended in Pluronic® F-108, Wang, R.; Meredith, A.N.; Lee Jr., M.L.; Detusch, D.; Miadzvedskaya, L.; Braun, E. Pantano, P.; Harper, S. and Draper, R., Nanotoxicology 2016, 10, 689-698.  - Publication
Rapid Detection of Polyethylene Glycol Sonolysis upon Functionalization of Carbon Nanomaterials, Murali, V.S.; Wang, R.; Mikoryak, C.A.; Pantano, P. and Draper, R.K., Experimental Biology and Medicine, 2015, 240, 1147-1151.  - Publication
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- Publication


Associate Professor
The University of Texas at Dallas [2002–Present]
Assistant Professor
The University of Texas at Dallas [1996–2002]


Undergraduate Research Mentoring - UT Dallas Provost [2014]
Faculty Teaching Award - School of Natural Sciences & Mathematics [2014]
Faculty Teaching Award - School of Natural Sciences & Mathematics [2001]


Multiwalled-Carbon Nanotube Properties and Macrophage Proinflamatory Responses
NIH - NIEHS with Dr. Rockford Draper
Bioaccumulation, Biopersistence, & Toxicity of CMP Nanoparticles in Mammalian & Aquatic Models
Semiconductor Research Corporation with Drs. Rockford Draper and Ruhung Wang


Determining the Intracellular Fate of Raman-active Nanoparticles in Macrophage Cells
14th Annual WITec Raman Imaging Symposium, Ulm, Germany
Acute and Chronic Toxicity of Metal Oxide Nanoparticles in Chemical Mechanical Planarization Slurries to Daphnia Magna
Center for Environmental NanoScience and Risk, University of South Carolina 

Additional Information

  • Method to Measure Carbon Nanotubes Taken-Up by a Plurality of Living Cells, U. S. Patent No. 8,632,671 awarded 01/21/14 .
  • Encoded Molecular Sieve Particle-Based Sensors. U. S. Patent No. 6,790,672 awarded 7/ 14/04.
  • Thin Film Fiber Optic Electrode Sensor Array and Apparatus for Concurrent Viewing and Chemical Sensing of a Sample, U. S. Patent No. 6,487,326 awarded 11/26/02.
  • Superresolution Imaging Fiber for Subwavelength Light Energy Generation and Near-Field Optical Microscopy, U. S. Patent No. 5,633,972 awarded 5/27/97.

News Articles

Chemist Earns Provost Award for Undergraduate Research Mentoring
Dr. Paul Pantano, associate professor of chemistry at The University of Texas at Dallas, recently received the 2014 Provost’s Award for Faculty Excellence in Undergraduate Research Mentoring.
Created by the Office of Undergraduate Education and the Office of the Provost, the award recognizes a faculty member who excels in the development of UT Dallas undergraduates into future researchers.
NSM Honors Teachers, Advisor for Dedication, Service to Students
The School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics recently recognized individuals for their dedication and service to UT Dallas students, including Dr. Paul Pantano, associate professor of chemistry, who earned the Outstanding Teaching Award for a faculty member.


UTD Affiliations
Bionanosciences Group (2004 - Present) 
Alan G. MacDiarmid NanoTech Institute (2003 - Present)