Pankaj Choudhary

Professor - Mathematical Sciences
Tags: biostatistical inference statistical methodology method comparison studies

Professional Preparation

Ph.D. - Statistics
Ohio State University - 2002
M.S. - Statistics
Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur - 1998
B.S. - Statistics
University of Delhi - 1996

Research Areas

Research Interests
  • Biostatistics
  • Statistical methodology
  • Method comparison studies
  • Proteomics


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Ghatpande, SS, Choudhary, PK, Quinn, CT, Goodman, SR (2010) In vivo pharmaco-proteomic analysis of hydroxyurea induced changes in the sickle red blood cell membrane proteome, Journal of Proteomics, 73, 619-626.  2010 - Publication
Hryniewicz-Jankowska, A, Choudhary, PK, Ammann, LP, Quinn, CT, Goodman, SR (2009) Monocyte protein signatures of disease severity in sickle cell anemia, Experimental Biology and Medicine, 234, 210-221. 2009 - Publication
Yin, K., Choudhary, P. K., Varghese, D. and Goodman, S. R. (2008) A Bayesian approach for sample size determination in method comparison studies. Statistics in Medicine, 27, 2273-2289.    2008 - Publication
Choudhary, P. K. (2008) A tolerance interval approach for assessment of agreement in method comparison studies with repeated measurements. J. of Statistical Planning and Inference, 138, 1102-1115.  2008 - Publication
Ghatpande, S.S., Choudhary, P.K., Quinn, C.T. and Goodman, S.R (2008) Pharmaco-proteomic study of Hydroxyurea-induced modifications in the sickle red blood cell membrane proteome, Experimental Biology and Medicine, 233, 1510-1517. 2008 - Publication
Tests for assessment of agreement using probability criteria. Choudhary, P. K. and Nagaraja, H. N. Journal ofStatistical Planning & Inference, 137, 279-290, (2007). 2007 - Publication
A tolerance interval approach for assessment of agreement with left censored data. Choudhary, P. K. Journal of Biopharmaceutical Statistics, 17, 583-594 2007 - Publication
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Critical analysis of prostate specific antigen doubling time calculation methodology. Svatek, R. S., Shulman, M., Choudhary, P. K., and Benaim, E. Cancer, 106, 1047-1053, (2006). 2006 - Publication


Associate Professor
The University of Texas at Dallas [2008–Present]
Assistant Professor
The University of Texas at Dallas [2002–2008]


Fellow American Statistical Association -


Theory, methodology and methods of multivariate conditional density estimation and its application to the analysis of credit scoring as a fair rating variable
$20,000 - Actuarial Foundation [2007–2008]
Proteomics of the Oxidative Phosphorylation System in AD
$100,000 - American Health Assistance Foundation [2005–2007]