Pamela Gossin

Professor - Arts And Humanities

Professional Preparation

Dual Ph.D. - History of Science and English
University of Wisconsin-Madison - 1989
MA - English
University of Nebraska-Lincoln - 1984
B.A. - English and Latin w/ Math minor
University of Nebraska-Lincoln - 1978

Research Areas

Areas of Specialization

History of Science and interdisciplinary Literature and Science studies (especially 17th through 20th centuries); women and science; literature and the environment, including nature writing; scientific biography and autobiography; popularization of science and public education in science and technology; science poetry; interrelations of astronomy, cosmology and literature; Japanese anime and manga; Great Plains literature and culture; "Great Books" of World Cultures.


Beneath the Stars: A 'Literary' History of Astronomy, Women and Poetics, 1590-1990, in progress. in progress - Publication
"Literature and the Modern Physical Sciences," Cambridge History of Science, Volume 5: Modern Physical and Mathematical Sciences, ed. Mary Jo Nye, expected 1999. 1999 - Publication
An Encyclopedia of Literature and Science, under contract with Greenwood Press, expected 1999-2000. 1999 - Publication
"Aphra Behn," Women of Science, ed. Marilyn Ogilvie et al, Holt/Routledge, expected 1998. 1998 - Publication
"Literature and the Scientific Revolution," The Scientific Revolution, ed. Wilbur Applebaum, NY: Garland, expected late 1998. 1998 - Publication
Markley, Robert, Fallen Languages: Crises of Representation in Newtonian England, 1660-1740, Early Science and Medicine 3.3 (Aug 1998) 265-267. 1998 - Publication
"Living Poetics, Enacting the Cosmos: Diane Ackerman's Popularization of Astronomy in The Planets: A Cosmic Pastoral," Women's Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal, 26 (1997) 605-638. 1997 - Publication
"News on the Encyclopedia of Literature and Science," Decodings, 6.2 (Spr 1997) 4-9. 1997 - Publication
"'All Danae to the Stars': Nineteenth-Century Representations of Women in the Cosmos," Victorian Studies, 40.1 (Aut 1996) 65-96. 1996 - Publication
"Literature and Astronomy," History of Astronomy: An Encyclopedia, ed. J. Lankford, NY: Garland, 1996, 307-314. 1996 - Publication


Professor of Arts and Humanities
University of Texas-Dallas [2010–2018]
Associate Professor of Arts and Humanities
University of Texas-Dallas [2001–Present]
Assistant Professor of Arts and Humanities
University of Texas-Dallas [1994–2001]
Visiting Assistant Professor, History of Science Summer
University of Oklahoma [1994–1994]
Assistant Professor of English
University of Missouri-Rolla [1994–1994]
Visiting Assistant Professor, History of Science
University of Oklahoma [1991–1993]
Rockefeller Fellow, History of Science
University of Oklahoma [1990–1991]
Assistant/Adjunct Professor of English
Millikin University [1988–1990]
Affiliate Professor of Science Education
University of Texas-Dallas [–2018]

Additional Information

Achievements in Original Investigation


  • Thomas Hardy’s Novel Universe: Astronomy, Cosmology and Gender in the Post-Darwinian World, Ashgate Publishing, 2007. * Nominated for: 1st Annual British Society for Literature and Science Book Prize and Michelle Kendrick Memorial Book Prize, Society for Literature, Science and the Arts
  • An Encyclopedia of Literature and Science, Greenwood Press, 2002.

BOOKS, under contract:

  • Word-Sending: The Collected Professional and Literary Letters of John G. Neihardt, multi-volume project, approved by Neihardt Trust, contract offered by SUNY Press, under negotiation

BOOKS, in progress:

  • Hayao Miyazaki: Lessons from the Anime Master, co-authored with Dr. Marc Hairston
  • Poetic Cosmologies: Astronomy and Literary World-making between Copernicus and Newton, proposal invited, Ashgate, 2009


  • “Interdisciplinary Meets Cross-Cultural: Teaching Anime and Manga on a Science and Technology Campus,” Teaching the Graphic Novel, ed. Stephen E. Tabachnick, Modern Language Association Teaching Series (New York: MLA, 2009) 585-607.
  • Essay Review, “An Interdisciplinary Community of One?”on Holly Henry, Virginia Woolf and the Discourse of Science: The Aesthetics of Astronomy, Arts and Humanities in Higher Education, 5 (Feb 2006) 107-112.
  • “Literature and the Modern Physical Sciences,” Cambridge History of Science, Volume 5: Modern Physical and Mathematical Sciences, ed. Mary Jo Nye, Cambridge University Press, 2003, pp.91-109.
  • Editor’s Preface for An Encyclopedia of Literature and Science, ed. Pamela Gossin, Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 2002, pp. ix-xiii.
  • 42 separate entries and an extensive “Selected Bibliography and Index” (60 pp), for An Encyclopedia of Literature and Science, ed. Pamela Gossin, Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 2002
  • “Aphra Behn,” Biographical Dictionary of Women of Science, eds. Marilyn Bailey Ogilvie and Joy Dorothy Harvey, NY: Routledge, 2000, pp.105-108.
  • “Literature [and the Scientific Revolution],” Encyclopedia of the Scientific Revolution: From Copernicus to Newton, ed. Wilbur Applebaum, NY: Garland Publishing, 2000, pp. 367-371.
  • “‘All Danae to the Stars’: Nineteenth-Century Representations of Women in the Cosmos,” Victorian Studies, 40.1 (Aut 1996 [published 1998]) 65-96.
  • “Living Poetics, Enacting the Cosmos: Diane Ackerman’s Popularization of Astronomy in The Planets: A Cosmic Pastoral,” Women’s Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal, 26 (1997) 605-638.
  • “News on the Encyclopedia of Literature and Science,” Decodings, 6.2 (Spr 1997) 4-9.
  • “Literature [and Astronomy],”History of Astronomy: An Encyclopedia, ed. J. Lankford, NY: Garland, 1996, 307- 314.
  • “Literature and Science,” annotated bibliography, in Guide to Historical Literature, American Historical Association, Oxford University Press, 1994.


  • “Hardy’s Poetic Cosmology and the New Astrophysics,” invited book chapter, for Hardy Research Companion, ed. Rosemarie Morgan (Ashgate) (in press).
  • “Lessons of an Interdisciplinary Life: Loren Eiseley’s Rhetoric of Profundity and the ‘Two Cultures’ Classroom,” book chapter, for Artifacts and Illuminations: Critical Essays on Loren Eiseley, eds. Susan Maher and Tom Lynch (in press)

ARTICLES and BOOK CHAPTERS, under contract, invited, or commissioned:

  • “‘Animated’ Nature: The Ethics of Empathy in Hayao Miyazaki’s Ecophilosophy,” with Marc Hairston, for (Un)Fleshing Worlds: Exploring Nature, Corporality and Technologic Life through Manga, Anime and Japanese Pop Culture, [an international collection of scholarly critiques of anime and manga], Hugo Cordova Quero and Maria-Antonia Marti-Escayol, eds. (Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan and University of Barcelona). (Invited book chapter, in progress).
  • “ The ‘Two Cultures’ and the Teaching of Anime and Manga,” co-authored with Marc Hairston, for special issue on Visual Literature for College Literature Journal (invited article, in progress)

REVIEWS, published:

  • Partington, John S., ed., H. G. Wells in Nature, 1893-1946: A Reception Reader (Arbeiten zur Literarischen Phantastik, 3) Frankfurt: Peter Lang, 2008, for ISIS: Journal of the History of Science Society 100. 4 (Dec 2009): 933-934.
  • Lightman, Bernard, Victorian Popularizers of Science: Designing Nature for New Audiences, University of Chicago, 2007, Journal of British Studies 48.4 (Oct 2009) 1026-1028.
  • Fincham, Tony, Hardy the Physician: Medical Aspects of the Wessex Tradition, New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2008, Nineteenth-Century Literature 64.2 (Sept 2009) 253-256.
  • Fyfe, Aileen and Bernard Lightman, eds., Science in the Market Place, University of Chicago Press, 2007, Journal of British Studies 48.3 (July 2009) 784-786.
  • Cummins, Juliet and David Burchell, eds., Science, Literature and Rhetoric in Early Modern England, Ashgate, 2007, Early Science and Medicine 14.4 (May 2009) 585-587.
  • Clark, Stuart, The Sun Kings: The Unexpected Tragedy of Richard Carrington and the Tale of How Modern Astronomy Began Princeton University Press, 2007, for ISIS 99.4 (Dec. 2008) 848-849.
  • Thomas, Jane, Thomas Hardy, Femininity and Dissent: Reassessing the ‘Minor” Novels, CLIO 30.1 (Fall 2000) 134-140.
  • Albanese, Denise, New Science, New World, for ISIS 91.1 (March 2000) 144.
  • Markley, Robert, Fallen Languages: Crises of Representation in Newtonian England, 1660-1740, Early Science and Medicine 3.3 (Aug 1998) 265-267.
  • Haffenden, John ed. William Empson . . .Donne and the New Philosophy, ISIS 85.4 (Dec 1994) 692-693.
  • Carithers, Gale, Mumford, Tate and Eiseley, ISIS 84.3 (Sept 1993) 609-610.
  • Peterfreund, Stuart, ed, Literature and Science: Theory and Practice and White, Fred D., ed, Science and the Human Spirit: Contexts of Writing and Learning, ISIS 82.2 (June 1991) 356-358.

REVIEWS, in press:

  • Bowler, Peter J. Science for All: The Popularization of Science in Early Twentieth-Century Britain, University of Chicago, 2009, for the Journal of British Studies (in press)
  • Reid, Julia, Robert Louis Stevenson, Science and the Fin de Siecle (Palgrave Studies in Nineteenth-Century Writing and Culture series) Palgrave Macmillan, 2009 (pb) for Scotia: Interdisciplinary Journal of Scottish Studies (in press)

ARTICLES, in progress:

  • “Hardy’s Astronomical Poetry” for The Thomas Hardy Journal
  • “Desire, Destruction and Dissolution: A Poetic Cosmology of the Pagan and Perverse in Algernon Swinburne’s ‘Anactoria’”
  • “The Retrograde Motion of the Soul: John Donne’s ‘Goodfriday 1613’” for Renaissance Quarterly
  • “Keplerian Astronomy and Donne’s “The First Anniversary” for John Donne Journal
  • “The Progress of Lunar Theory and Swift’s ‘Progress of Beauty’” for Eighteenth-Century Studies


  • Electronic Portfolio, Faculty Review for Promotion to Full Professor, 300+pp, 2009
  • Medical and Scientific Humanities Administrative Program Documents:
    • Grant Proposal for MaSH Endowed Chair and Directorship, 2006-07
    • Two Degree Plans for proposed Major (BS) in MaSH and MaSH-PH, 2006
    • Request for Preliminary Authority documents, Undergraduate Major Degree Proposal, 2005
    • Degree Plan for MaSH Minor, 2001-02
  • A Celebration of Loren Eiseley, conference monograph, Lincoln City Libraries, 1983.
  • A Loren Eiseley Bibliography, Lincoln City Libraries, 1982.
  • “Ruth Rosekrans Hoffman: An Annotated Checklist of Her Works,” Nebraska Library Association Quarterly, 1981.
  • Poetry, Runes (Lincoln Public Schools)
  • Special Faculty Development Assignment 2009-10
    • University of Texas-Dallas
  • Chancellor’s Council--Outstanding Teaching, nominee 2008-09
    • University of Texas system
  • Michelle Kendrick Memorial Book Prize, nominee 2008
    • Society for Lit., Sci. and the Arts
  • 1st Annual BSLS Book Prize, nominee 2008
    • British Society for Lit & Science
  • Victor Worsfold Award for Outstanding Teaching 2004-05
    • University of Texas-Dallas
  • Special Faculty Development Assignment 2003-04
    • University of Texas-Dallas
  • Howard Foundation Fellowship in History of Science 1997-98
    • Brown University
  • NEH Summer Research Stipend 1997
    • National Endowment-Humanities
  • Pollock-Dudley Research Award 1995
    • Dudley Observatory
  • Course and Curriculum Improvement Award 1994
    • University of Missouri (declined)
  • Pollock-Dudley Research Award 1993
    • Dudley Observatory
  • Rockefeller Fellowship 1990-91
    • University of Oklahoma
  • Provost’s Commendation --Teaching Excellence 1990
    • Millikin University
  • Javits – National Graduate Fellowship 1986-88
    • U.S. Dept of Education
  • National Science Foundation 1988
    • NSF- Travel Award
  • Preliminary Exams--with distinction 1988
    • English / History of Science
  • Graduate School Fellowship 1985-86
    • University of Wisconsin
  • Phi Beta Kappa, Regents Scholarship, Steckelberg Stipend in Classics, Barbar Prize--Latin, Dawson Fellowship, Bridge Award--English All: University of Nebraska


PhD Students, 3 on Leave of Absence or Status unknown
Kim Ford, Women's Lit and Culture, 2006+ (status unknown) Melody Sadjadi, Chair, Women in Medicine, 2005+ (leave of absence) Diana Gingo, Women in Film and Literature, 2003+ (status unknown)
PhD Students, 6 Left Program or Changed Committees
Suzanne Gabriel (left program) Elizabeth Coker, Victorian Literature, 2006 (changed committees) Joe Hinman, Science, Religion, Literature - Enlightenment (Qualifying exams, 2001), 1994-2005 (left program) Darby Grande, History of Women in Physics, (left program) Annette Hoines, Concepts of Superorganism in History of Biology and Culture, 2000+ (status unknown) R. A. Cantrell, Shakespeare's Latinity and Geographical Allusions, 2000-2002 (left program)
MA Students, 2 Current, Active
April Walker, Wright Morris and Phototext, 2010 (comm. pending) Janet Fairfield, Dickens and Social Miasma, 2006+ (Spr 10 def. pending)
MA Students, 32 Graduated
Stacey Knepp, Lucian's Cosmic Voyage, 2008-09 Sara Keeth, Jane Austen, Women's Literature, 2006-2007 Sumathi Ananthakrishnan, 19th-c History, 2006-2007 Meghan Lee, Chair, 2007 Dessie Sanders, American Literature and Bible, 2006+ Tammy Brightwell, Chair, Masters-Teaching: Science Fiction, 2006. (Alice) Claire Burrows, Chair, 2005-2006. Julie Whitley, Oscar Wilde; Professional MA, 2006. Matthew Braddock, Chair, Hardy's Critique of Christianity, Simone de Beauvoir's Ethics, 2005. Kim Garcia, Chair, Nature and Poetry, 2004-2005 John Araiza, Chair, Frontier Gothic and George Orwell, 2003 (converted to new MA) Dana Turner, Chair, Women in Frontier Literature, History and Film, 2003-2004 John Altom, Co-Chair, Aristotle's Ethics and Atomic Bomb; Reading Technology, 2002-03 Nicholas Boeving, Chair, Science and Religion; Perspectives on Holocaust, 2002-03 Suzanne Gabriel, Shakespeare and Psychology, 18-19th c. psychology, 2003 Darby Grande, Chair, Gender, Science and Autobiography; Holocaust Biographies, 2001-03 Deborah Scally, Chair, Cross-Dressing in Shakespeare; Female Heroes in Children's Lit., 1999-2003 Jamie Wheeler, Chair, Ma in Grapes of Wrath; Lozen: Woman Warrior, 2001-03 Bethany Lee, Creative Portfolio: Poetry and Poetic Process, 2002. Christopher Speck, Chair, Loren Eiseley's Theory of Time; Camus's Theodicy, 1999-2002. Rosarita "Kaj" Lubag, Chair, Michael Wigglesworth; Italian Women and Culture, 2002. Shari Childers, Co-Chair, Thomas Shadwell and Courtship; Camus's Absurd, 2001-2002. Patrick Dennis, Chair, Faith and Reason in Eco and Hardy; Early Modern Concepts of Sci-fic Method, 2001-2002. Sharon Duncan, Chair, George Eliot, Medical and Social Reform, 2001-2002. Shanda Cayton, Chair, Influence of Milton on E. Barrett Browning's "Aurora Leigh," 2001. Jennifer Kraemer, Chair, Companionate Marriage in 19th-c. Literature, Fall, 2001. Kristi Wesloh, Chair, John Donne and Astronomy; E. Barrett Browning and Muse, 1998-2001. Kelly Martin, Chair, Ancient Hymn of Demeter: Feminist/Masculinist, 1999-2000. Mary Beth Weed, History of Early Modern Medicine and Literature, 1999-2000. Cathy Mathers, 19th-c Literature, Women and Medicine, 1998-99. Natalie Delker, Chair, Artificial Intelligence and 20th-c Literature, 1996-98. Lori Eaton, Chair, Satanic Heroes in Literary History, 1996-97.
MA Students, 6 Left Program, Changed Committees, or Transferred
Tim Webber, Shakespeare and Samuel Johnson, 2005- (status unknown) Karen Bartlett, Creative Portfolio: Drama (left program) Dietrich Volkland, Native American culture (left program) Cecelia Walter (changed topic and committees) Mark Dixon, transferred to graduate program at another school Tim Haynes, Chair, Technology/Culture, 2000-2002; transferred to MIT's Science Writing Program, inaugural class with major scholarship/stipend support.
Service on 15 Honors committees, to-date; Chair of 9
Christopher Cassity, Chair, The Epistemology of Detection in 19th-c Literature, 2009 (did not complete) Jade Milton, the Novel, 2008+ (status unknown) Missy Luton, Chair, Cultural Representations of Gen-X, 2007. David Cheng, Shakespeare and Beauty, 2006. Kim Conaty, Chair, Early Modern Scientific Utopias, 2006. Mark Walser, Literature, culture, cosmology in Australia, 2005+ (status unknown). Shazia Ali, Bronte's Wuthering Heights, 2005. Heather Taylor, Chair, Loren Eiseley: Paleontology and Poetry, 2001. Shari Boggus, Chair, Tess and Natural Law, 2000. Deborah Scally, Chair, Female Heroes in Children's Fantasy Literature, 1999-2000. Robert Griffin, Chair, Salvador Dali and his Aesthetic Philosophy of Human Nature, 1999. Anne Warmus, Chair, Tragedy and Comedy in Regional Literature, 1998. Brian Worrall, Chair, Utopian/Dystopian Literature, 1997-98. Emily Armstrong, Early Modern Science and Culture, 1996 (did not complete). Sloan Rawlins, Law and Literature, 1995.
PhD Students, 20 Current, Active
Julie Gavran, Chair, History of the Essay, Nature Writing, 2009+ Jill Aston, Literature and the Environment, 2009+ Lauren Dixon, Chair, Embodiment, Literature and the Environment, 2008+ (Quals, F2009) Caroline Bolt, 19th-c Brit and Am. Literature and Idea of Happiness, 2009+ Thomasina Hickman, Chair, 19th-c Gothic novel, 2009+ Abigail Manuel, Utopian/Dystopian literature, 2009+ Luke Lafitte, Popular Science Writing, 2008+ (Quals, Sum2009) Serin Hetou, 19th C. Am. Lit - Frontier (Quals, Sp2009) Jennifer Jeffrey, Newtonian alchemy, 2008+ (comm. pending) Heidi Xiong, Art and Science of Leonardo, 2008+ (comm. pending) Stacey Donald, 19th-c British Novel, 2008+ Sumathi Ananthakrishnan, 19th-c British-Indian History, 2007+ Shazia Ali, Victorian History and Culture, 2006+ (Quals, 2008?) Jaime Jordan, Chair, Victorian Literature, 2006+ (Quals, 2008) Nina Serebrianik, Medieval History and Culture, 2006+ (Quals 2008?) Susan Rushing Adams, Chair, History of Women and Medicine, 2005+ (Quals, 2009) Kristin VanNamen, Co-Chair, creative project - novel, 2005+ (Quals, 2008?) Rosarita Khadija Lubag, Rhetoric of Science Textbooks - Philippines, 2005+ Patrick Dennis, Chair, Medieval History and Philosophy of Science (Quals, 2005), 2003+ Jamie Wheeler, Co-Chair, Steinbeck's Women (Quals, 2005), 2004+ Deborah Scally, Chair, Women, Anime and Film (Quals, 2005) 2004+
PhD Students, 19 Graduated
Pia Jakobsson, 18th c. English and American Women Writers, (Quals 2006), 2003-09 Shari Childers, Chair, Women and Nature, 2005-2008 Darlene Leifson, Chair, Creativity and Performance, 2004-2008 James King, Hannah Arendt, History and Philosophy of Science, 2005-2008 Hannah Swamidoss, Victorian Popular Science for Children, 2005-2008 Christopher Speck, Chair, Loren Eiseley's Concept of Time (Quals, 2004), 2003-2007 Adrian Cook, Representations and Performance of the Matrix (Quals, 2005), 2004-2006 Mark Watney, epic poetry and C.S. Lewis, 2004-2006 Charles Kroll, creative project - novel, 2001-2006 Patricia Chogugudza, Chair, African Women in Lit and Culture, 2003-2005 Tonja Wissinger, Chair, Women, Literature and Medicine, 1995-2004 Troy Camplin, Complex Systems and Aesthetics, 2003-2004 Evelyn Montgomery, Great Plains Literature, History, Domestic Spaces (Quals, 2001), 1998-2004 M. Wayne Cooper, MD, Chair, History of Medical Ethics and Literature of Medicine (Quals, 2001), 1999-03 Yongzhao Deng, Comparative Approach to Chinese Medicine, 2001-03 Charlotte Hough, Early Modern Utopian Fiction, 2001-03 Michele Marshall, Chair, Katherine Philips and Early Modern Women's Literature, 1996-03 Chad Hansen, History of Ancient Astronomy: Planetary Mythology (Quals, 2001), 2000-2001. Jonathan Wade, Science Fiction, Technology and Comparative Law, 1994-98.


Motivating Scientific Learning Through Historical Perspectives
$10,000 - GEMS - NSF [2010–2011]
Center for Values in Medicine, Science, and Technology
$5,000,000 - State appropriation [2009–2009]
UTeach Program
$ 450,000 - Texas Instruments Foundation [2009–2009]
"A Shared Sense of the Universe: Hardy and Neihardt . . ."
$2,500 - Dudley Observatory [2009–2010]
UTeach Program
$2,400,000 - National Math and Science Initiative [2008]