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Noa Ofen

Noa Ofen


Research interests: Developmental cognitive neuroscience across the lifespan; human memory; spatiotemporal dynamics of brain function; intracranial EEG; functional MRI; high-res imaging of the human hippocampus; genetic & environmental influences on cognitive & brain development

CVL 832
Curriculum Vitae

Currently accepting graduate students


Professional Preparation

Postdoctoral Associate
MIT - 2011
Postdoctoral Fellow
Stanford University - 2005
PhD - Cognitive Neuroscience
Weizmann Institute of Science - 2004


Neurophysiological mechanisms of cognition in the developing brain: Insights from intracranial EEG studies 2023 - Journal Article
Age‐related differences in hippocampal subfield volumes across the human lifespan: A meta‐analysis 2023 - Journal Article
Development of the neural correlates of recollection 2023 - Journal Article
Household socioeconomic status relates to specific hippocampal subfield volumes across development 2023 - Journal Article
Dissociable oscillatory theta signatures of memory formation in the developing brain 2022 - Journal Article
Microstructure of Human Corpus Callosum across the Lifespan: Regional Variations in Axon Caliber, Density, and Myelin Content 2021 - Journal Article
Test–retest reliability of hippocampal subfield volumes in a developmental sample: Implications for longitudinal developmental studies 2021 - Journal Article
An fMRI investigation of neural activation predicting memory formation in children with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders 2021 - Journal Article


Assistant Professor
Wayne State University [2011–2016]
Associate Professor
Wayne State University [2017–2023]
Wayne State University [2023–2024]


R01 MH107512 ‘Development of memory networks in children’
- NIH/NIMH [2022/08–2027/05]