Nicholas Dillon

Nicholas Dillon

Assistant Professor - Biological Sciences
Tags: Biochemistry and Chemical Biology Microbiology Molecular Biology Immunology Biology Pathobiology Systems Biology Pharmacology Antibiotic Resistance

Professional Preparation

Postdoctoral training - Host-Pathogen interactions
University of California- San Diego - 2021
Ph.D. - Microbiology
University of Minnesota - Twin Cities - 2017
M.S. - Biology
University of Minnesota - Twin Cities - 2011
B.S. - Biochemistry
University of Wisconsin- Madison - 2005

Research Areas

Antibiotic Resistance
Since the 1928 discovery of penicillin, the antibiotic era revolutionized the practice of modern medicine, decreasing morbidity and mortality the world over. Unfortunately, rapid evolution of antibiotic resistance (AR), combined with a failing drug discovery pipeline, threatens a post-antibiotic era in which common bacterial infections are once again fatal. The goals of the Dillon lab are therefore to identify, assess, and mechanistically understand antibiotic interactions to design new therapeutical regimens for leading AR bacterial pathogens. We focus on targeting AR pathogens through uncovering novel synergistic antibiotic interactions, understanding the genetic basis for AR, and developing therapies to counter the evolution of AR. We utilize in vitro, ex vivo, and in vivo models of infection to study AR.


Independent component analysis reveals 49 independently modulated gene sets within the global transcriptional regulatory architecture of multidrug-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii 2024 - Journal Article
Functional and genetic adaptations contributing toEnterococcus faecalispersistence in the female urinary tract 2023 - Other
Genetic and functional enrichments associated with Enterococcus faecalis isolated from the urinary tract 2023 - Journal Article
Development of a high-throughput minimum inhibitory concentration (HT-MIC) testing workflow 2023 - Journal Article
Development of a High-Throughput Minimum Inhibitory Concentration (HT-MIC) Testing Workflow 2022 - Other
Pyrazinamide Susceptibility Is Driven by Activation of the SigE-Dependent Cell Envelope Stress Response in Mycobacterium tuberculosis 2022 - Journal Article
Machine Learning of Bacterial Transcriptomes Reveals Responses Underlying Differential Antibiotic Susceptibility 2021 - Journal Article
Structure-Aware Mycobacterium tuberculosis Functional Annotation Uncloaks Resistance, Metabolic, and Virulence Genes 2021 - Journal Article


2021 Royal Society of Chemistry's Organic Division Horizon Prize: Robert Robinson Award in Synthetic Organic Chemistry - Royal Society of Chemistry [2021]
Ruth L. Kirschstein Postdoctoral Fellowship in Developing Pediatric Clinical Pharmacology for the Advancement of Therapeutics - NIH [2020]

News Articles

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Review Editor
Frontiers in Molecular Medicine 
Assistant Professor
University of Texas at Dallas- Department of Biological Sciences