Monu Joy

Monu Joy

Research Scientist II - Chemistry and Biochemistry
(315) 323 – 4313
BE 3.500A
Crystallography Center
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Tags: X-ray Crystallography Structural Chemistry Computational Chemistry

Professional Preparation

PhD - Chemistry
Clarkson University - 2022
MSc - Chemistry
Mahatma Gandhi University - 2014
BSc - Chemistry
Mahatma Gandhi University - 2009


Distinct color change of a Ho(III)-based metal-organic framework upon varying incident light sources 2024 - Journal Article
Encapsulation of cobaltocenium ions in a zeolite-like metal–organic framework 2023 - Journal Article
Water harvesting properties of a zwitterionic metal–organic framework 2023 - Journal Article
Metal–Organic Framework as a Fluorescent and Colorimetric Dual-Signal Readout Biosensor Platform for the Detection of a Genetic Sequence from the SARS-CoV-2 Genome 2023 - Journal Article
Force-Induced Near-Infrared Chromism of Mechanophore-Linked Polymers 2021 - Journal Article
Structural and spectroscopic investigations on the quenching free luminescence of europium oxalate nanocrystals 2019 - Journal Article
In Vitro Study of the Interaction Between HSA and 4-Bromoindolylchalcone, a Potent Human MAO-B Inhibitor: Spectroscopic and Molecular Modeling Studies 2019 - Journal Article
Studies on the interaction between HSA and new halogenated metformin derivatives: influence of lipophilic groups in the binding ability 2019 - Journal Article


Burroughs Wellcome Fund Travel Award - Pittsburgh Diffraction Society [2023]
Ludo Frevel Crystallography Scholarship - International Centre for Diffraction Data (ICDD) [2022]
Shipley Endowed Fellowship Award - Clarkson University [2022]
Publons Peer Review Award for the top 1% of Reviewers in Chemistry - Publons [2018]
Outstanding Peer Review Award - ELSEVIER [2017]


Research Scientist II (Crystallographer)
The University of Texas at Dallas [2023–Present]
Scientific Assistant (Service Crystallographer)
Mahatma Gandhi University [2015–2028]


Affiliate - International Centre for Diffraction Data (ICDD)