Michelle Nash

Lecturer I - Arts And Humanities
Tags: Oral Commmunication

Professional Preparation

PhD - Communication Studies
Liberty University - 2022
Master of Arts - Communication Studies
Sam Houston State University - 2019
Bachelor of Arts - Public Relations
Wayne State University - 2009

Research Areas

Research Assistant
Assisted Dr. Donyale Griffin Padgett, Communications Professor at Wayne Sate University, with textual analysis of third-party response to former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick's text message scandal, published in Communication Studies, 65(3), May 2014. Findings were also published in Contexts of the Dark Side of Communication.


My Detroit TV Presents: Culture Conversation
2019/01–2019/01 A candid solution driven conversation on sexual abuse and pedophilia in urban communities 
Closing the Ethnic Diversity Gap in Detroit’s Public Relations Community by Weber Shandwick, PRSA, and CommLab
2012/06–2012/06 Discussed ways to address the ethnic diversity disparity in the PR community

Additional Information

Personal Statement
In my mind, I’d like to think of myself as a heroine of content and branding – saving brands one word at a time on the interwebs – with some sort of diamond embroidered cape. In reality, I’ve spent much of my career path as a communications strategist with an invisible cloak. For more than 10 years - I have worked with both international and local brands in which I’ve create cohesive brand experiences for businesses while ensuring all their assets were holistically sound and unified. I’ve worked with some powerhouses such as General Motors, Wal-Mart, United States Navy, Citifinancial, to international commercial real estate firms and even local dance studios. I’ve taken this mesh of digital curation to the classroom as an educator within the Texas school system for 3 years – molding young minds and encouraging students to achieve both academic and personal excellence.

I guess you can say that thing that propels me forward everyday is the love of communications. I truly enjoy the pathway of understanding shared communication whether it exists within an interpersonal, cultural, political or organizational dynamic. As a communications strategist - content development generally sat against the framework of questioning, listening, explaining, advocating, verifying understanding, and negotiating roles to achieve an outcome of mutual understanding. These are pathways used to refine ways in which we are connecting with one another and was vital in planning for effective key messaging that was clear and engaging for my clients.

This refinement process pretty much sums of the core of my teaching philosophy, which gradually formed through trial-and-error, and has evolved into a belief system based on applied strategies and methods. My ultimate goal is to ensure I am deploying a learning environment that doesn’t feel like it’s happening in a vacuum, where students can engage with and learn from one another and where they can seamlessly draw text-to-world connections in understanding how course content can be used within their post graduate careers.

Being that technology serves as the backdrop to many of our emerging communicative exchanges, I am always sourcing, testing, and playing with new digital platforms in my spare time. Let’s face it, computer-mediated communication is not going anywhere, and neither is my love for it. Being the tech-curious specimen that I am, I have been fortunate to work in roles where I was responsible for the deployment of learning management systems, as well as A/B multivariate testing, CMS integration, intranet creation, and website development. My goal within the classroom is to teach students how to use technology purposefully and strategically in ways that will reflect real world needs and applications.

Even as an educator, and after a decade strong in the field of content curation, I am still a lifelong learner – and in pursuit of a doctoral degree in Communications Studies. I have a particular interest in interpersonal communication, with an emphasis in racial and gender identity, counter hegemony, and intra/intergroup dynamics. I am looking to delve deep into how racial/ethnic differences in interpersonal communication reflect unconscious and implicit biases – and how those variables impact labor participation and pay rates for women of color.

As an African American woman, I am a double minority and there is a need for people like myself to be able to be seen, heard, and actively involved in scholarship that acknowledges our need for equity within our respective fields. For me, achieving racial equity begins with messaging. That is why communication and education are my jam. It’s what makes the world go round. And I am fortunate enough to have been immersed in this world for quite some time. I am looking forward to growing as an educator at the collegiate level and I am hopeful that I’ll be just as impactful for my students as some of my professors were for me.


Blog contributor on Medium on race, culture and communications
Nash, M. (2020, June 28). Karens: The Hidden Sheroes of White Supremacy and their Evolution. Medium. https://medium.com/@michelle_68163/karens-the-hidden-sheroes-of-white-supremacy-and-their-evolution-d86726827467
Blog contributor on Medium on race, culture and communications
Nash, M. (2020a, May 11). The Invisible Man Isn’t a Man at All, it’s a Black Woman. Medium. https://medium.com/@michelle_68163/the-invisible-man-isnt-a-man-at-all-it-s-a-black-woman-d96fbf9e0c00