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Mengxiao Yu

Mengxiao Yu

Research Associate - Chemistry Department

Professional Preparation

Fudan University - 2009
Beijing Normal University - 2004

Research Areas

Research Area

Intracellular Labeling and Drug Delivery


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M.X. Yu, C. Zhou, J. Liu, J. D. Hankins, J. Zheng, Luminscent Gold Nanoparticles with pH De-pendent Membrane Adsorption, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 133, 11014-11017 (2011). 2011 - Publication
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J. Zhou, M.X. Yu, Y. Sun, X.Z. Zhang, X.J. Zhu, Z.H. Wu, D.M. Wu, F.Y. Li*. Fluorine-18-labeled Gd3+/Yb3+/Er3+ co-doped NaYF4 nanophosphors for multimodality PET/MR/UCL imaging, Biomaterials 32, 1148-1156 (2011). 2011 - Publication
Q. Zhao, M.X. Yu, L.X. Shi, S.J. Liu, C.Y. Li, M. Shi, Z.G. Zhou, C.H. Huang, F.Y. Li, Cationic Iridium(III) Complexes with Tunable Emission Color as Phosphorescent Dyes for Live Cell Imaging, Organometallics 29 1085-1091 (2010). 2010 - Publication
M.X. Yu, F.Y. Li, Z.G. Chen, H. Hu, C. Zhan, H. Yang, C.H. Huang, “Laser Scanning Up-conversion Luminescence Microscopy for Imaging Cells Labeled with Rare-earth Nanophospors”, Anal. Chem., 81, 930-935 (2009). 2009 - Publication
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Additional Information

Honors and Awards

Best Poster in Biomaterials and Tissue, UT Metroplex Day, 2010.