Maximilian Schich

Associate Professor - Arts Tech And Comm
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Tags: Art & Science Communication & Culture

Professional Preparation

Ph.D. - Art History
Huboldt-University - 2007
MA - Art History. Classic Archaeology and General Psychology
Ludwig-University Munich - 2001


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Additional Information


Dr. Maximilian Schich is an art historian, joining The University of Texas at Dallas as an Associate Professor for Art and Technology in January 2013. He works to converge hermeneutics, information visualization, computer science, and physics to understand art, history, and culture.

Recently, Maximilian worked on complex networks in the arts and humanities with Dirk Helbing, FuturICT coordinator at ETH Zurich (2012), and Albert-László Barabási, complex network physicist at Northeastern University in Boston (2008-2012). He was a DFG Research Fellow (2009-2012) and received funding from the Special Innovation Fund of the President of Max-Planck-Society (2008).

Previously, Max obtained his PhD in Art History from Humboldt-University in Berlin (2007), and his MA in Art History, Classic Archaeology, and Psychology from Ludwig Maximilians University Munich (2001). Besides, he looks back at over a decade of consulting experience, working with (graph) data in libraries, museums, and large research projects (1996-2008).

Maximilian is the organizing chair of the ongoing NetSci symposia series on Arts, Humanities, and Complex Networks, as well as an Editorial Advisor at Leonardo Journal (MIT-Press). He publishes in multiple disciplines and is a prolific speaker, translating his ideas to diverse audiences across academia and industry.

Teaching at UT Dallas, Maximilian Schich aims to raise visual literacy (Visual Evidence) and provide students with a multidisciplinary perspective (Ecology of Complex Networks in Arts, Culture, and Beyond). Both aspects count on Art and Technology as key ingredients to further our understanding of our increasingly complex world.

News Articles

Professor Cultivates Cultural Science in Arts and Technology
Multidisciplinary researcher Dr. Maximilian Schich has joined The University of Texas at Dallas as an associate professor for arts and technology (ATEC). He works and collaborates to converge art history, information visualization, computer science and physics to understand cultural history as a complex system.

Although the field is still hard to define, Schich says his multidisciplinary approach has a clear goal.
ATEC Professor Leads Study Revealing Big Story of Cultural Migration
Quantifying and transforming the history of culture into visual representation isn’t easy. There are thousands of individual stories across millennia to consider, and some historical conditions are nearly impossible to measure.
Addressing this challenge, Dr. Maximilian Schich, associate professor of arts and technology (ATEC) at The University of Texas at Dallas, has brought together a team of network and complexity scientists to create and quantify a big picture of European and North American cultural history.

Schich, an art historian who works under the umbrella of the University’s ATEC program, has reconstructed the migration and mobility patterns of more than 150,000 notable individuals over a time span of 2,000 years. By connecting the birth and death locations of each individual, Schich and his team have made progress in our understanding of large-scale cultural dynamics.