Maxim Arnold

Maxim Arnold

Associate Professor - Mathematical Sciences
Tags: fluid dynamics dynamical systems mathematical physics

Professional Preparation

PhD - Mathematics
Russian Academy of Sciences - 2006


Analyticity of Periodic Solutions of the 2D Boussinesq System - Other
Topological invariants of sorting networks 2021 - Other
Remarks on Joachimsthal Integral and Poritsky Property 2021 - Journal Article
Remarks on Joachimsthal integral and Poritsky property 2020 - Other
Competing barnacle species with a time dependent reproduction rate 2020 - Journal Article
Typical representatives of free homotopy classes in multi-punctured plane 2019 - Journal Article
On Matrix Pythagorean Triples 2019 - Journal Article
Nonsmooth convex caustics for Birkhoff billiards 2018 - Journal Article
TASEP modelling provides a parsimonious explanation for the ability of a single uorf to derepress translation during the integrated stress response 2018 - Journal Article
Cross-ratio dynamics on ideal polygons 2018 - Other