Maxim Arnold

Assistant Professor - Mathematical Sciences
Tags: switching Hamiltonian systems fluid dynamics asymptomatic dynamics of large ensembles of particles

Professional Preparation

PhD - Mathematics
Russian Academy of Sciences - 2006


Analyticity of Periodic Solutions of the 2D Boussinesq System - Other
Nonsmooth convex caustics for Birkhoff billiards 2018 - Journal Article
TASEP modelling provides a parsimonious explanation for the ability of a single uORF to upregulate downstream ORF translation during the Integrated Stress Response 2017 - Other
Dynamics of discrete time systems with a hysteresis stop operator 2017 - Journal Article
Iterating Evolutes and Involutes 2017 - Journal Article
Square and bow-tie configurations in the cyclic evasion problem 2017 - Journal Article
On a Very Steep Version of the Standard Map 2016 - Journal Article
Pinball Dynamics: Unlimited Energy Growth in Switching Hamiltonian Systems 2015 - Journal Article
Cyclic Evasion in the Three Bug Problem 2015 - Journal Article
Cyclic pursuit without coordinates: Convergence to regular polygon formations 2014 - Conference Paper