Marilyn Kaplan

Clinical Professor - Management
Associate Dean - Management, School of
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Tags: Organizations, Strategy and International Management

Professional Preparation

Ph.D. - Management Science
University of Texas at Dallas - 1998
University of Oklahoma - 1984
B.S. - Business Administration
Cameron University - 1979


Kaplan, Marilyn R. and J. Richard Harrison. (1993). Defusing the Director Liability Crisis: The Strategic Management of Legal Threats. Organization Science, 4 (3), 412-432. 1993 - Publication
Bhagat, Rabi S., Ben L. Kedia, Susan E. Crawford, and Marilyn R. Kaplan (1990). Cross-Cultural Issues in Organizational Psychology: Emergent Trends and Directions for Research in the 1990s. In Cooper, C.L. and Robertson, I.T. (Eds.). Intemational Review of Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Volume 5. 1990 - Publication


Senior Lecturer
University of Texas at Dallas [2000–Present]
University of Texas at Dallas [1999–1999]


Director Liability, Legislation, and Litigation
1990–1990 With J. Richard Harrison. Western Academy of Management, Salt Lake City, Utah, March 1990.
Managing student communication in the online classroom
2005–2005 Innovations in Online Learning Conference, Austin TX, June 2005.
Think Globally, Act Locally?
2005–2005 Labor Unions in an Era of Walmartization, Oxford Round Table, Oxford UK, August, 2005.
Corporate Board Interlocks and Business Relationships
1991–1991 With J . Richard Harrison. Academy of Management, Miami, Florida, August, 1991.
The Effects of Black Mold Hysteria on Texas Homeowners Insurance
2006–2006 Westem Academy of Legal Studies in Business Conference, Monterrey CA, April 2006

Additional Information

Service at UTD

  • UTD Service

    •  Secretary, Academic Senate
    •  Senior Lecturer Representative, Academic Senate and Academic Council
    •  Academic Integrity Committee
    •  Distance Learning Committee
    •  SACSCOC Library Committee
  • School of Management Service
    •  Assistant Area Coordinator, OSIM
    •  Library Committee
    •  Course Coordinator, BA 4305, Social & Political Enviromnent of Business
    •  Course Coordinator, BPS6310, Strategic Management

  • Confereces

    •  Western Academy of Legal Studies in Business Conference, Monterrey CA, April 2006
    •  Oxford Round Table, Oxford UK, August, 2005
    •  lnnovations in Online Learning Conference, Austin TX, June 2005.
    •  International Academy of Business and Public Administration Disciplines, Dallas TX, May 2005.
    •  Academy of Legal Studies in Business Amiual Conference, Ottawa, August 2004
    •  Oil and Politics Conference, UNT, April 2003
    •  Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Denver, August 2002.
    •  Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Washington, D.C. 2001.
    •  Program Coordinator. Texas Conference on Organizations. Lake Travis, Texas, 1992.
  • Professional Affiliations
    •  Academy of Management
    •  Academy of Legal Studies in Business
    •  Strategic Management Society
  • Reviews

    •  Reviewed Business, Govermnent, & Society, Steiner & Steiner,  November 2006
    •  Reviewed "Strategic Management and Competitive Advantage" by Jay Bamey and William Hesterly, Prectice Hall, May 2005.
    •  Reviewed "Understanding Business Ethics: Facing the Challenges of a Global Environment" by Dr. Peter Stanwick, Prentice Hall, April 2005.
    •  Reviewed "Privacy Law and the Intemet" and "Privacy in Wired and Wireless Networks" for The Handbook of Information Securig, (forthcoming) June 2004.
    •  Reviewed Business, Govemment, & Sociegg, Steiner & Steiner, Fall 2003.
    •  Academy of Management Conference - Business Policy and Strategy Division, 2002.
    •  Reviewed Contemporgg Issues in Business Ethics, DesJardins & McCall, 2000, for 5th edition.
    •  Reviewed Corporate Strategy, Collis & Montgomery, 1998, for 2nd edition.

News Articles

Comets to the Core Has Freshmen Teaming Up to Tackle Problems
The University of Texas at Dallas will engage freshman students in a new initiative this fall to help them meet peers from other disciplines, cultivate critical thinking and communication skills, and exhibit problem-solving and teamwork abilities.

Comets to the Core is a co-curricular requirement for all new freshman students except those from specialized high schools where they earned an associate degree concurrent with their diploma. 

Students will complete a group project within the first six weeks of enrollment and again in the fall semester of their junior year when most have completed their core curriculum. 
New Degree Seeks to Fill Demand for Supply Chain Experts
UT Dallas has launched a new bachelor’s degree in one of the country’s hottest new business fields.

The Naveen Jindal School of Management introduced a BS degree this semester in supply chain management (SCM), described by U.S. News & World Report recently as the business world’s “next great frontier.”

Supply chain management professionals oversee the acquisition of parts and raw materials, managing complex networks of supply and demand from the purchasing stage to delivery.

An increased number of job openings, growing salaries and advancement opportunities have spurred a wave of interest in supply chain management as a career choice.