Lloyd Dumas

Professor of Public Policy and Political Economy
Tags: Public Policy Political Economy

Professional Preparation

Ph.D. - Economics
Columbia University - 1972
M.S. - Industrial and Management Engineering
Columbia University - 1968
B.A. - Mathematics
Columbia University - 1967

Research Areas

Lloyd J. Dumas
  • national and international security
  • terrorism
  • technological disaster
  • code of ethics for international economic development advisors and consultants
  • global climate change
  • economic transition
  • economic development
  • military spending
  • conversion of military-oriented facilities and workforces to civilian activity


Dumas, Lloyd J. The Peacekeeping Economy: Using Economic Relationships to Build a More Peaceful, Prosperous and Secure World. New Haven: Yale University Press, forthcoming. Print. 2011 - Publication
Dumas, Lloyd J., Janine R. Wedel and Greg Callman. Confronting Corruption, Building Accountability: Lessons from the World of International Development Advising. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2010. Print. 2010 - Publication
Dumas, Lloyd J. The Technology Trap: Where Human Error and Malevolence Meet Powerful Technologies. New York: Praeger, 2010. Print. 2010 - Publication
Dumas, Lloyd J. "Economic Conversion." 2008. Shaping the Network Society: Patterns for Participation, Action and Change  . Ed. Douglas Schuler. Cambridge: The MIT Press, 2008. 231-233. Print. 2008 - Publication
Peace and Conflict: Journal of Peace Psychology (Vol. 13, No.3, 2007), Taking the Profit Out of War , Review of Profiting from Peace: Managing the Resource Dimensions of Civil War, by Karen Ballantine and Heiko Nitschke (Boulder: Lynne Rienner, 2005). 2007 - Publication
Dumas, Lloyd J. An Economic Approach to Peacekeeping and Peacemaking. The Economics of Peace and Security Journal. 2006, 1(2). www.epsjournal.org.uk 2006 - Publication
The Economics of Peace and Security Journal (www.epsjournal.org.uk), Vol.1, No.2 (July 2006), An Economic Approach to Peacekeeping and Peacemaking 2006 - Publication
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American Economics Association Website (http://www:aeaweb.org/annual_mtg_papers/2005 papers.html) Bang for the Buck: The Real Effects of Military Spending on Security . 2005 - Publication
Achieving Security in Sub-Saharan Africa: Cost Effective Alternatives to the Military, Geoff Harris, editor (Pretoria: Institute for Security Studies, 2004), Building Security Through Democracy and Balanced Economic Relationships (Chapter Six). 2004 - Publication


Visiting Professor
European University Center for Peace Studies [2009–2009]
Garrey Carruthers Professor of Honors
The University of New Mexico [1997–1997]
Los Alamos National Laboratories [1994–1996]
Vice Chair
Transition Taskforce for the State of Texas [1991–1993]
The University of Texas at Dallas [1983–Present]
Adjunct Scholar
CATO Institute [1982–1990]
Associate Professor
The University of Texas at Dallas [1979–1983]
Associate Professor
Columbia University [1974–1979]
Assistant Professor
Columbia University [1973–1974]
Assistant Professor
City University of New York [1973–1973]


Conflict and Development: The Bi-Directional Relationship
2018–2018 Allied Social Sciences Association Annual Meetings (Washington, DC: January 2003) - Chaired Roundtable session Conflict and Development: What Have We learned?, speaker on Conflict and Development: The Bi-Directional Relationship.
Corruption, Nepotism and Allocative Efficiency
2018–2018 Southwestern Economics Association, Annual Meetings (Corpus Christi, Texas: March 2004) - Discussant on paper, Corruption, Nepotism and Allocative Efficiency in session on Institutional Economics , and chair of session Technology and Innovations .
Shattering Illusions: The Real Threats to Security in the Post Cold War World
2018–2018 World Congress of the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (Winners of the 1987 Nobel Peace Prize) (Washington, DC: speaker on Shattering Illusions: The Real Threats to Security in the Post Cold War World .
The Role of Police Work, Economic Development, and Political Development in Countering Terrorism
2007–2007 2nd Istanbul Conference on Democracy and Global Security (Istanbul, Turkey: June 14-16, 2007) sponsored by the Turkish National Police (1300 attendees from 82 countries) -presented paper The Role of Police Work, Economic Development, and Political Development in Countering Terrorism
Development and Peace: A Virtuous Circle? Exploring the Power and Limits of the Relationship
2006–2006 Tenth Annual International Conference on Economics and Security (Thessaloniki, Greece: City College, June 22-24, 2006) - presented paper, Development and Peace: A Virtuous Circle? Exploring the Power and Limits of the Relationship .

Additional Information


U.S. Department of Energy funded project of Nuclear Watch New Mexico, senior consultant (Santa Fe,
New Mexico), "An Assessment of the Economic and Environmental Impacts of DOE
Environmental Management Programs in New Mexico" (2002)

Los Alamos National Laboratories - consultant under contract on development of civilian R&D projects
for all divisions of the Laboratories (1994-96)

NATO Economics Directorate, Economic Committee - included in database of defense conversion
experts (1994- )

Encyclopedia of Violence, Peace and Conflict (AcademicPress/Elsevier) – Member of Editorial Board
(2005- )

Economics of Peace and Security Journal (www.epsjournal.org.uk) - Associate Editor (2006- )
Chair, Working Group on Climate Change, Civil Society Institute (2006- ) this national working group
includes a senior VP of the HOK architectural firm in California, the EVP of a Massachusetts
investment firm, the director of the Nebraska Department of Insurance, two fellows of Resources
for the Future, the director of Redefining Progress in Washington DC, the VP for energy
programs of the Kendall Foundation, the senior economist of the American Council for an
Energy Efficient Economy, the director of the Global Environment Institute at Tufts University,
and a professor of agricultural economics from Montana State University.

Carnegie Commission on Preventing Deadly Conflict (of the Carnegie Corporation of New York) –
reviewed 450 page manuscript on the role of inducements in conflict prevention (1996).

The Future of Oil: Energy Security, Climate Risks, and Market Opportunities (published June 2007) by
CERES and the Civil Society Institute), prepared by Miranda Anderson, this monograph quotes
me extensively and uses key parts of my J.P. Morgan Chase (Oct 2006) presentation on "Climate
Change Risks and Economic Opportunities"

Governor of Texas' Special Taskforce on Economic Transition Vice Chair of Taskforce, created
to make recommendations to the Governor on facilitating the conversion of military
contractors and bases in Texas (other include: Secretary of State, Chair; Chancellor,
University of Texas system; labor leaders, military industry managers; economic
development specialists; (6/91-3/93).

Economists for Peace and Security (formerly Economists Allied for Arms Reduction) – Senior fellow
(2005-); founding member of the 30 person Board of Directors (1984-2005) eight of whom are
Nobel Laureates in Economics (Kenneth Arrow, Lawrence Klein, Joseph Stiglitz, Amartya Sen,
Robert Solow, Douglas North, William Sharp, and Daniel Mc Fadden) and one a Nobel Laureate
in Peace (Oscar Arias) (1989- ).

Routledge Economics Books (London: Division of Taylor and Francis), reviewer of proposed textbook,
Foundations of Macroeconomics: An Historical Analysis (2003).

Prentice-Hall Publishers (Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey) – reviewer/referee of textbook manuscript,
Economic Development: Theory and Policy by S. Lynn (1998)

Academic Press (San Diego, California) - reviewed manuscript of contribution to Encyclopedia of
Violence, Peace and Conflict, entitled "Economics of War and Peace" (1997).

New Zealand - invited consultant on warship purchase to Peace Movement Aotearoa, including
meetings with President and Secretary of ruling Labour Party, administration and legislative
officials, Assistant Chief of Defence and his Deputy, and leaders of Council of Trade Unions

Republic of the Philippines - Invited consultant on demilitarization and economic development to broad
coalition of nationalist groups, met with high national government officials and local politicians
(August 1986).

American Association for the Advancement of Science - Committee on Science, Arms Control
and National Security (1980-83)

Governor of Colorado's Blue Ribbon Citizens Committee - member of Technical Advisory Group to
Committee focused on evaluation of the Rocky Flats nuclear weapons facility near Denver

National Commission for Economic Conversion and Disarmament - member, 25 member,
nongovernmental commission (1988-95)

Universal Studios - technical consulting on the script of the film ultimately released by MGM-United
Artists as "War Games", involving computer/human reliability problems and nuclear war.
CATO Journal (Selected Papers on Theory & Public Policy Applications) - member of Editorial Board

Ploughshares Fund - Advisory Board - other advisors include George Kennan, Harrison Salisbury, Glen
Seaborg, Orville Freeman, Adm. John Lee and Marshal Shulman (1986-2001).

Peace and Change: A Journal of Peace Research - member of Editorial Board (1980-present)

Journal of American Medical Association - article referee (1989)

IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management - article referee (1994)

University Administrative Activity - Other than UT (Dallas)
Acting Chairman of the Department of Industrial and Management Engineering, Columbia University
(February 1975)

Committee on Instruction, School of Engineering and Applied Science, Columbia University
(curriculum decision-making body, 1977-1979)

Doctoral Program Subcommittee on Industrial and Management Engineering of the Executive
Committee of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Columbia University (1976-1979)
University Administrative Activity - University of Texas (Dallas)


University Academic Senate (three terms)

University-Wide Committees: Regental Core Committee for Support of Women and Minorities (Chair,
2001-03); Committee on Diversity and Equity; Committee on Qualifications of Academic
Personnel; Educational Policy; Faculty Standing and Conduct; Advisory Board to the University
Office of International Education; Safety Council; Student Life (Chair,1998-99); Special Faculty
Hearing Tribunal Pool.

School Committees: Ph.D.Theory Examination, (2004-05; Chair 1983-86); Ph.D. Methods
Examination; Faculty Personnel Review Committee Ph.D.(2005-); Public Policy and Political
Economy Ph.D. Program Committee (2005-); Advisory Board to the University Office of
International Education; Ph.D. Planning (Chair, 1983-85); Strategic Planning Committee for
Graduate Programs; Curriculum Development; Quality Teaching (Chair, 1998-2002); Public
Policy and Political Economy Ph.D. Program Committee (2004-); Graduate Studies;
Undergraduate Studies; Personnel Review; Tenure Reviews; Committee on MS in Applied
Economics; Academic Searches

Administrator with Special Responsibilities for the Support of Minorities and Women (See Section 2,UTD
Annual Report on Human Resources, FY'02-'03)

Social Sciences and General Studies Student Advisor

News Articles

Book Warns Against Modern-Day 'Technology Trap'
Professor and Author Highlights Problems with Ever-Stronger Technologies Modern society’s ability to develop more powerful technologies – coupled with the inevitability of human error – could lead to disaster on an unprecedented scale, according to a timely new book by Dr. Lloyd J. Dumas, professor in UT Dallas’ School of Economic, Political and Policy Sciences. Read more...
Why Can't We Be Friends? Prof Offers Economic Fix
There is hope for peace even among nations that view themselves as enemies, according to UT Dallas professor Lloyd J. Dumas. Dr. Dumas, a political economist in the School of Economic, Political and Policy Sciences, recently presented his paper on that subject, “Turning Enemies into Friends: The Role of Economic Relationships in Building Security and Sustaining Peace” at the International Conference on Armed Forces and Conflict Resolution in a Globalizing World in Seoul, South Korea. Dumas argued that national security is mainly a matter of relationships, not military power. He believes that there are two critical steps in turning enemies into friends — reducing mutual hostility and suspicion, and then building strong positive ties and that both can be accomplished by establishing the right kinds of economic relationships.
UT Dallas Professor Lloyd Jeff Dumas To Appear on KERA’s ‘Think’ Radio Program
Dr. Lloyd Jeff Dumas, professor of economics and political economy at The University of Texas at Dallas, will appear on the ‘Think’ interview program on Dallas public radio station KERA on Monday, Feb. 12, from 12:30 p.m. to 1 p.m.  

Dumas, along with host Krys Boyd, will discuss the topic of private firms involved in global and strategic, including economic and military, forecasting and intelligence gathering for governments and other clients.

Think is broadcast on 90.1 FM and may also be heard live online at http://www.kera.org/think/.   The program covers a wide variety of topics ranging from history, politics, current events, science, technology and emerging trends to food and wine, travel, adventure and entertainment.
Tired of Football? Tune in Dr. Lloyd ‘Jeff’ Dumas On Nickelodeon Channel Opposite Super Bowl XXXVI
It’s deep into the second half of Super Bowl XXXVI this coming Sunday. Maybe it’s a one-sided contest and your interest is beginning to wane. Or you’re simply tired of another drawn-out season of professional football and wish it would end. Or perhaps you wish you had consumed less of your sister-in-law’s bean dip.

Whatever the reason, you’re ready for a change. Pick up that TV remote and tune in Nickelodeon, the cable television channel for kids. Dr. Lloyd “Jeff” Dumas, a professor of political economy in UTD’s School of Social Sciences, is scheduled to appear on “Nick News,” a newsmagazine show for kids hosted by journalist Linda Ellerbee. In a taped segment, Dumas will discuss terrorism, including the difference between terrorists and freedom fighters, in language understandable to eight- to 13-year-olds, the show’s target audience.


Economists for Peace and Security
1984-present, Fellow (present), Senior Fellow (2005-2009), Board of Directors
Ploughshares Fund
1986-2001, Advisory Board


Asylum Research / Human Rights Initiative
$110,000 - The Overbrook Foundation [2009–2010]
Asylum Research / Human Rights Initiative
$15,000 - Marlene Nathan Meyerson Family Foundation [2009–2010]
Building Accountability into International Development Advising in an Age of Diffused Governance
$232,333 - Ford Foundation Grant [2005–2007]
technical reviewer for 14 grant proposals on terrorism and intelligence networks
$250,000-$900,000 - U.S. Department of Justice, National Institute of Justice [2003–2003]
Building Accountability into International Development Advising in an Age of Diffused Governance
$179,100 - Ford Foundation Grant [2002–2005]