Livia Markoczy

Associate Professor - Management
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Tags: Organizations, Strategy and International Management

Professional Preparation

Ph.D. - Ph.D.
University of Cambridge - 1995
BA - Economics
Budapest University of Economic Sciences - 1983

Research Areas

Research Interests
  • Behavioral decision-making; Managerial personality, incentives, cognition, emotions and strategic decision making; Decision making and sense-making in a broader context including group, organizational, and institutional context


Multiple Motives for Cooperation. International Journal of Human Resource Management. 15.6 (2004): 1018-1039. 2004 - Publication
Rational Choice in an Uncertain World: The Psychology of Judgment and Decision Making. Journal of Socio-Economics. 33.6 (2004): 816-818. 2004 - Publication
Yabba-dabba.doo! A Response to Unfair Cccusations. With J. Goldberg, Human Relations. 57.8 (2004): 1037-1046. 2004 - Publication
Are Managers from Mars and Academicians from Venus? Toward an Understanding of the Relationship between Academic Quality and Practical Relevance. With D. Baldridge and S. Floyd. Strategic Management Journal. 25.11 (2004): 1063-1074. 2004 - Publication


Associate Professor
University of Texas at Dallas [2005–Present]
Associate Professor
University of California, Riverside [2004–2005]
Assistant Professor
University of California, Riverside [2000–2004]
Senior Research Fellow
Cran eld University [1996–2000]
Research Fellow
Cran eld University [1994–1996]
Visting Scholar
Aston University [1990–1991]
Visiting Scholar
Stanford University [1987–1988]
Assistant Professor
Budapest University of Economic Sciences [1986–1994]


Women and taxis and dangerous judgments: Content sensitive use of base-rate information
1998–1998 Academy of Management, San Diego, 1998. (L. Markoczy and J. Goldberg).
The virtues of omission in the conceptualization of OCB
2003–2003 Academy of Management, Seattle, 2003. (L. Markoczy and K. Xin).
States and knowledge states
1993–1993 Academy of Management, Atlanta, 1993. (L. Markoczy).
The role of middle management in the strategy making process: Group affliation, structural holes and Tertius Iungens
2007–2007 Academy of Management, Philadelphia, 2007. (W. Shi, L. Markoczy, and G. Dess).
Trust but verify: Distinguishing distrust from vigilance
2003–2003 Academy of Management, Seattle, 2003. (L. Markoczy).

Additional Information

Academic and University Service
  • Grant report reviewer for UK ESRC (2008)
  • Member of the Committee on Courses 2001{2005 (UC Riverside)
  • Honor thesis advisor 2002, 2003 (UC Riverside)
  • Research Committee 1996-2000 (Craneld)
  • Various Ph.D student committees. 1994-2000 (Craneld and UCR)
  • Member of the Research Steering Committe of the Association of Business Schools (UK). 1998-2000
  • Ph.D supervisor for Carmel de Nahlik. 1998-2000 (Craneld)
  • Ph.D supervisor for Penny Brown. 1997-2000 (Craneld)
  • Ph.D supervisor for Steve Regan. 1995-2000 (Craneld)
Professional Distinctions and Awards
  • Ascendant Scholar Award, Western Academy of Management, 2003
  • "Above and Beyond the Call of Duty" award, Academy of Management, Organization and Management Theory Division, 1999
  • Best Paper Award, Eastern Academy of Management, Finalist 1997