Livia Markoczy

Associate Professor - Management
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Tags: Organizations, Strategy and International Management

Professional Preparation

Ph.D. - Ph.D.
University of Cambridge - 1995
BA - Economics
Budapest University of Economic Sciences - 1983

Research Areas

Research Interests
  • Behavioral decision-making; Managerial personality, incentives, cognition, emotions and strategic decision making; Decision making and sense-making in a broader context including group, organizational, and institutional context


`Theory building at the intersection: Recipe for impact or road to nowhere?' Journal of Management Studies, forthcoming. (L. Markoczy and D. Deeds). forthcoming - Publication
Forebearance in Organizational Citizenship Behavior. With D. Vora, and K. Xin. International Journal of Human Resource Management. Forthcoming. forthcoming - Publication
Rather than Searching for the Silver Bullet, Use Rubber Bullets: A View on the Research-practice Gap. With G. Dess. Journal of Supply Chain Management: A Global Review of Purchasing & Supply. 44.2 (2008): 57-62. 2008 - Publication
Institutional Governance and Market Signals: Deceptive Mimicry in Russia's Post-communist Banking Industry. With Andrew Spicer. Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings. Pennsylvania, Philadelphia: August 5-9, 2007. 2007 - Publication
Economic Pressure and the Deterioration of Research Ethics. With Michael Nippa. Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: August 5-9, 2007. 2007 - Publication
Utilitarians Aren't Always Fair, and the Fair Aren't Always Utilitarian: Distinct Motives for Cooperation. Journal of Applied Social Psychology. 37.9 (2007): 1931-1955. 2007 - Publication
Unrealistic Optimism in Consumer Credit Card Adoption. With M. Oi, and S. Yang. Journal of Economics Psychology. 28.2 (2007): 170-185. 2007 - Publication
Reactions to Inequity as a Function of Organization Strategy: Effect of Micro- and Macro Variables. With Avi Fiegenbaum, Yitzhak Fried, and Ari Levi Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings. Pennsylvania, Philadelphia: August 5-9, 2007. 2007 - Publication
The Competent Organization: A Psychological Analysis of the Strategic Management Process. Organization Studies. 27.1 (2006): 154-157. 2006 - Publication
Symmetry and the Illusion of Control as Bases for Cooperative Behavior. With J. Goldberg, L. Zahn Rationality and Society. 17.2 (2005): 243-270. 2005 - Publication


Associate Professor
University of Texas at Dallas [2005–Present]
Associate Professor
University of California, Riverside [2004–2005]
Assistant Professor
University of California, Riverside [2000–2004]
Senior Research Fellow
Cran eld University [1996–2000]
Research Fellow
Cran eld University [1994–1996]
Visting Scholar
Aston University [1990–1991]
Visiting Scholar
Stanford University [1987–1988]
Assistant Professor
Budapest University of Economic Sciences [1986–1994]


Reactions to inequity as a function of organization strategy: Effect of micro- and macro variables
2007–2007 In Best Paper Proceedings of the Academy of Management. 2007. (Y. Fried, A. Levi, L. Markoczy, and A. Fiegenbaum).
From demography to cognitive measurements: A personal journey
2001–2001 Academy of Management, Washington D.C., 2001. (Part of Symposium), (L. Markoczy).
The effect of top management team composition on R&D decisions and on managing resource dependence in the context of China
2007–2007 Academy of Management, Philadelphia, 2007. (L. Markoczy, Y. Lu, W. Li, E. Xu, and H. Zhang).
The more things change the more they become the same: Consensus formation during strategic change
1996–1996 Academy of Management, Cincinnati, 1996. (L. Markoczy).
Complex rhetoric and simple games
1998–1998 Academy of Management, San Diego, 1998. (J. Goldberg and L. Markoczy).

Additional Information

Editorial Service
  • Editorial board member for Journal of Management Studies (2005{Present)
  • Editorial board member for British Journal of Management (2007{Present)
  • Editorial board member for Organization Studies (1997-2002)
  • Guest editor for special issue of Managerial and Decision Economics on special topic, \Management, Organization and Human Nature." (1997-1998)
Academic Societies
  • Academy of Management (since 1991); Strategic Management Society (since 1994); British Academy of Management (1994{2000); American Economic Association (1997{2005); Human Behavior and Evolution Society (1997{2005); Society for Judgment and Decision Making (since 1998); American Psychological Association (since 1998)
Journal Reviewer
  • Administrative Science Quarterly, Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Review, Applied Psychology: An International Review, Asia Pacic Journal of Management, British Journal of Management,Group and Organization Management, Human Relations, Journal of International Business Studies, Journal of International Management, Journal of Management Studies, Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology, Organizational Research Methods, Organization Science, and Organization Studies.