Linda Thibodeau

Professor - Behavioral and Brain Sciences
Faculty Page
Tags: Communication Sciences and Disorders

Professional Preparation

Ph.D. - Speech and Hearing Science
University of Minnesota - 1986
M.A. - Speech Pathology and Audiology
University of Texas - 1977
B.A. - Communication Disorders
University of Texas - 1975

Research Areas

Research Interests

My primary research interest is the relationship between psychoacoustic processing and possible benefits from amplification circuits. My secondary research interest is the evaluation of auditory training approaches and assistive devices designed to enhance speech recognition.


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Audiological Consultant
Wylie Independent School District [2006–Present]
Audiological Consultant
Frisco Independent School District [2005–Present]
Full Professor
The University of Texas at Dallas [2005–Present]
Continuing Education Instructor
Audiology Online [2005–Present]
AUD Program Head
The University of Texas at Dallas [2005–Present]
Audiological Consultant
Collin County Coop for the Deaf [2004–Present]
Audiological Consultant
Allen Independent School District [2004–Present]
Research Consultant
Phonic Ear Incorporated [2004–Present]
Continuing Education Instructor
Jones Audiology [2003–Present]
Audiological Consultant
McKinney Independent School District [2003–Present]


Classroom Management of FM Systems
2005–2005 Causeway Bay Hearing Center Scientific Meeting, Hong Kong
What's New With FM Technology?
2006–2006 Paper Presented to the Michigan Audiology Coalition Conference. East Lansing, MI.
Use of FM Systems Beyond the Classroom in the Real World
2006–2006 Paper presented at the Mississippi State Speech and Hearing Association, Jackson, MS.
Thinking about a PhD? Information Session for Prospective Doctoral Students
2005–2005 Paper presented at the American Speech, Language, and Hearing Association, San Diego, CA.
Amplification Education in the AuD Program at the University of Texas at Dallas
2006–2006 Paper presented at the Conference on Amplification Education. Pittsburgh, PA.

Additional Information

Editorial Activities

Editor in Chief: Academy of Rehabilitative Audiology Publications, 2002-Present
Editor: Journal of the Academy of Rehabilitative Audiology, 1997-2003.
Editorial Board: Seminars in Hearing, 2001-present.
Associate Editor: American Journal of Audiology, 1996-present.
Language, Speech, Hearing Services in the Schools, 1992-1996.
Editorial Consultant: Hearing Research, 1999-present
Journal of the American Academy of Audiology, 1996-present
Language, Speech, Hearing Services in the Schools, 1986-1991.
American Journal of Audiology, 1993-present.
Ear and Hearing, 1994-present.
Acoustical Society of America, 1994-present.
Journal of Speech and Hearing Research, 1995-present.
University Services
  • SACSCOC Administrative Structure Committee???, 2006-present
  • Intellectual Property Committee, 2004-present
  • Faculty Workload Committee, 2004-present
  • Core Committee for the Support of Women and Minorities, 2002-2004
  • Distance Learning Committee, 1998-2000
  • Library Search Committee, 1998-1999
  • Faculty Senate Committee on Childcare, 1988-1989
  • President's Committee on Students with Disabilities, Member 1989-1994, Chair Sept. 1992-Aug. 1994
  • Faculty Senate and University Council, 1990-1993
Professional Service
  • ASHA Lessons for Success Research Conference Steering Committee, 2004-Present
  • AAA Task Force on Guidelines for Evaluation of FM Systems, 2005-Present
  • 10th Symposium on Cochlear Implants in Children Program Committee, 2005
  • ANSI Working Group S3-81 to develop standards for assistive listening devices, Acoustical Society of America, 1995-present, Co-Chair, 2004
  • ASHA Program Committee for Auditory Rehabilitation, 2004
  • ASHA Research and Scientific Affairs Committee, 2001-Present
  • Program Committee, Academy of Rehabilitative Audiology. Summer Institute, 2002, 2003.
  • ASHA Foundation Scholarship Reviewer, 2002
  • Special Interest Division 9: Hearing Disorders in Children, Steering Committee, American Speech, Language, and Hearing Assn., 1998-present
  • Program Committee, Aural Rehabilitation, American Speech, Language, and Hearing Annual Convention, 2000
  • Professional Advisory Board of the Center for Hearing and Speech, 2000-present
  • Sertoma Scholarship Judge, 1995, 2000
  • Web Page Manager, Academy of Rehabilitative Audiology, 1999-present
  • Education in Acoustics Committee, Acoustical Society of America, 1996-1999
  • Committee on Bioacoustics Standards and Noise Standards, American Speech, Language, and Hearing Assn., 1994-1996

News Articles

Awards Laud Profs for Advances in Hearing Science
Two faculty members at UT Dallas’ Callier Center for Communication Disorders were honored recently for their roles in advancing research and clinical care in hearing science. Hearing aid manufacturer Phonak International selected Dr. Linda Thibodeau, a professor in the School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences (BBS), for its annual Cheryl DeConde Johnson Award for Outstanding Achievement in Educational and Pediatric Audiology. Dr. Emily Tobey, associate provost and Nelle C. Johnston Chair in Communication Disorders in BBS, was named 2011 Distinguished Alumni for the College of Education at New Mexico State University.
Callier Camp Uses Tech Tools to Empower Teens with Hearing Loss
At a recent camp in Denton County, Texas, teenagers had fun on rope courses, swimming and fishing while their parents participated and shared information with one another. Also on hand were members of the UT Dallas audiology aural habilitation doctoral class, who made sure the teens enjoyed themselves and could hear everything that was happening. 

Camp CHAT (Communication Habilitation via Audition for Teens) is one of several camps offered for children with special needs by the Callier Center for Communication Disorders at UT Dallas. In this case, the weekend camp was for teens who use hearing aids or cochlear implants to help them hear, as well as their families. 


Masters advisement
Stephanie Taylor Kim Smith Eddie Ferris Liz Bowers Amy Mellonig Nancy Lucas Sarah Matthews Erin Schafer Melissa Riley Hope Harrelson Laura Upton Carrie Herring Ashley Spencer Kimberly Jordan Tracy Lyles Erin Moore Celia Sarchet Rebecca Unruh Angela Boyd Lauren Sachar Lauren Herfarth Aril Orr
Bachelor advisement
White, A. (1996) Undergraduate Honors Thesis "Auditory Integration Training" Brak, S. (1998) Undergraduate Honors Thesis "Electroacoustic Evaluation of Behind-the- Ear FM Systems" Britt, L. (2000) Undergraduate Honors Thesis "Temporal Processing in Normal Hearing Children" Wang, R. (2000) Undergraduate Honors Thesis "Evaluation of the HH\IT-C in children with Normal and Impaired Hearing"
Professional Affiliations
American Speech-Language-Hearin g Association Texas Speech-Language-Hearin g Association Acoustical Society of America Self-Help for the Hard of Hearing (SHHH) (national and local affiliation) Alexander Graham Bell Association Educational Audiology Association American Auditory Society Texas Academy of Audiology American Psychological Association
Doctoral advisement
Victor Bray, May 1992 Dissertation Title: The relationship between upward spread of masking and speech recognition in noise for hearing-impaired listeners Paul Dybala, May 2004 Dissertation Title: Modification of the Hearing in Noise Test (HINT) for evaluation of amplification in listeners with high-frequency hearing loss. Erin Schafer, May 2005 Dissertation Title: Contributions of Binaural Input and FM Systems for Improving Speech Recognition in Noise of Children with Cochlear Implants Jack Scott, May 2006 Dissenation Title: The Effects of Auditory Training on Hearing Aid Acclimatization Jessica Sullivan, Expected May 2008 Dissertation Topic: Benefits of Computerized Auditory Training in Noise Lindsay Bondurant: Expected May 2011
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Audiological Services
$5,000/year - Wylie Independent School District [2006]
Audiological Services
$5,000 - Collin County Special Education Coop [2006]
Application of Advanced Listening Technology in Adults
$29,000 - Phonak Hearing Aids [2006–2018]
Evaluation of Adaptive FM Advantage System
$3,000 - Phonak AG [2006–2018]
Lessons for Success: Developing Emerging Scientists in Communication Sciences and Disorders
$92,727 - National Institutes of Health [2005–2008]