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Leehyun Yoon

Leehyun Yoon

Assistant Professor

Research interests: Mechanistic understanding of the development of self-esteem, social motivation, and emotion regulation using neuroimaging techniques and behavioral experiments; preventing and treating depression and interpersonal difficulties

VP 8.20
Developmental Social Affective Neuroscience (DSAN) Lab
Curriculum Vitae

Not currently accepting undergraduate students


Professional Preparation

Postdoc - Developmental and Clinical Neuroscience
University of California, Davis - 2023
PhD - Social Neuroscience
Korea University - 2019
BA - Psychology & Philosophy
Korea University - 2014

Research Areas

My research field is developmental social affective neuroscience, and my research focuses on how people at different developmental stages and with different mental health conditions update self-views and maintain a positive (but not too positive) sense of self when faced with ups and downs in social and performance outcomes. More broadly, my research aims to understand how and why self-related processing, thought patterns (e.g., rumination, pessimism, attribution), and social behaviors change across development and how such development is affected by common mental health problems such as depression.


Barendse, M. E. A., J. R. Swartz, S. L. Taylor, J. R. Fine, E. A. Shirtcliff, L. Yoon, S. J. McMillan, L. M. Tully, and A. E. Guyer (2024). Sex and pubertal variation in reward-related behavior and neural activation in early adolescents. Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience  2024 - publications
Yoon, L., Keenan, K., Hipwell, A. E., Forbes, E. E., & Guyer, A. E. (2023). Hooked on a thought: Associations between rumination and neural responses to social rejection in adolescent girls. Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience. 2023 - publications
Rohrsetzer, F., Balardin, J. B., Picon, F., Sato, J. R., Battel, L., Viduani, A., Manor P. H., Yoon, L., Kohrt, B. A., Fisher, H., Mondelli, V., Swartz, J. R., Kieling, C. (2023). A magnetic resonance imaging-based morphometric and structural covariance network study of Brazilian adolescents stratified by depression risk. Brazilian Journal of Psychiatry.  2023 - publications
Baranger, D. A., Lindenmuth, M., Yoon, L., Guyer, A. E., Keenan, K., Hipwell, A. E., & Forbes, E. E. (2023). Accelerated neurodevelopment of reward anticipation processing in adolescent girls with depression. medRxiv, 2023-09. 2023 - preprint
Yoon, L., Rohrsetzer, F., Battel, L., Anés, M., Manfro, P. H., Rohde, L. A., ... & Swartz, J. R. (2022). Frontolimbic network topology associated with risk and presence of depression in adolescents: a study using a composite risk score in Brazil. Biological Psychiatry: Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuroimaging, 8(4), 426-435. 2022 - publications
Holbrook, C., Yoon, L., Fessler, D. M., Moser, C., Delgado, S. J., & Kim, H. (2022). Moral parochialism and causal appraisal of transgressive harm in Seoul and Los Angeles. Scientific reports, 12(1), 14227.
ISO 690 |  2022 - publications
Beard, S. J., Yoon, L., Venticinque, J. S., Shepherd, N. E., & Guyer, A. E. (2022). The brain in social context: A systematic review of substance use and social processing from adolescence to young adulthood. Developmental cognitive neuroscience, 101147. 2022 - publications
Yoon, L., Rohrsetzer, F., Battel, L., Anés, M., Manfro, P. H., Rohde, L. A., ... & Swartz, J. R. (2022). Reward‐and threat‐related neural function associated with risk and presence of depression in adolescents: a study using a composite risk score in Brazil. Journal of child psychology and psychiatry, 63(5), 579-590. 2022 - publications


Travel Award - UC Davis Postdoctoral Scholar Association [2021]
Excellent thesis and presentation award - Korean Psychological Association [2018]


Assistant Professor
University of Texas at Dallas [2024–Present]


How adolescents' brains respond to social evaluation
2023/10 Lecture at Director's Research Circle, Center for Vital Longevity
Development and Alteration of Rejection-related Brain Function in Adolescents
2023/02 Research Seminar at the University of Texas at Dallas
Peer Exclusion in Childhood and Adolescence: Multi-level Mechanisms and Risk for Depression
2023/03 Society for Research on Child Development Paper symposium
Affective neural functions and connectivity associated with risk and presence of depression in adolescents in Brazil
2022/07 Invited talk, Korea University
The neural basis of adolescent development and individual differences in social behavior
2022/01 Invited talk, Michigan State University