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Lawrence Reitzer

Lawrence Reitzer

Professor - Biological Sciences

Professional Preparation

Ph.D. - Molecular and Cell Biology
Washington University - 1978
B.S. - Biology
Case Western Reserve University - 1973

Research Areas

Research Interests
A major focus of study had been the transcriptional regulator, NtrC, which controls the response to nitrogen limitation, the Ntr response. These studies included analysis of NtrC activities, and the structural basis for these activities. A second major focus has been metabolism in E. coli.  These studies have analyzed, and in some cases discovered, several catabolic pathways (for arginine, aminobutyrate, cysteine, ornithine, purines, and putrescine), and a few biosynthetic enzymes (for alanine, and for transaminases in lysine and arginine synthesis). Current research is focused on study of the relation between metabolism and virulence in Escherichia coli, especially strains that cause urinary tract infections. These painful and common infections can recur, and they become increasingly antibiotic resistant. Rapid growth of uropathogenic E. coli is a virulence factor. We are analyzing the requirement for such rapid growth. The long-term goal is to develop antimetabolites that impair growth and could work independently or in conjunction with antibiotics to eradicate the urinary tract infections, especially recurrent infections.

 Dr. Reitzer’s research involves the regulation of gene expression and metabolism in Escherichia coli, especially  and uropathogenic E. coli bacteria with a focus on responses to environmental stresses, such as nitrogen limitation, and bacterial motility. 


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