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Kyle McCall

Kyle McCall

Assistant Professor - Materials Science and Engineering
RL 4.406
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Professional Preparation

PhD - Applied Physics
Northwestern University - 2019
B.S. - Physics and Mathematics
University of Notre Dame - 2014

Research Areas

Functional Optoelectronic Materials (University of Texas at Dallas, USA)
  • The McCall group will encompass the full range of materials chemistry, from the choice or design of prospective energy-related materials, to their successful incorporation into functioning devices such as solar cells or light emitting devices. This research focuses on the synthesis and characterization of complex semiconductors for energy applications, where the combined practice of materials science, chemistry, and physics enables structure-property relationships to be established and tested through the creation of novel materials. This work will bring the materials-by-design approach to bear on the energy-related problems of our time to enable next-generation sustainable materials, and equip students with the interdisciplinary skills needed to meet these challenges.
Prior Work: Metal halides for advanced optoelectronics (Postdoc, ETH Zurich, Switzerland)
  • Synthesized and characterized a variety of halide-based semiconductors for optoelectronic applications ranging from X-ray photodetectors to luminescent materials for solid-state lighting and scintillation applications 
  • Founding crystal grower in the ETH+ SynMatLab facility which is bringing first-class crystal growth facilities to ETH for both research and educational purposes. Helped design a practical laboratory course on Bridgman growth of single crystals for graduate students at ETH. 

Prior Work: Inorganic metal halides for radiation detection (PhD, Northwestern University, USA)
  • Synthesized and characterized inorganic halide perovskites as semiconductor radiation detectors. Exploratory inorganic chemistry yielded new compounds whose structures were determined by powder and single crystal x-ray diffraction. Large single crystals were grown via the Bridgman method for extensive optical and electrical characterization of detector performance.


Inorganic Halide Perovskitoid TlPbI3 for Ionizing Radiation Detection 2021 - Journal Article
On the Origin of Room-Temperature Amplified Spontaneous Emission in CsPbBr3 Single Crystals 2021 - Journal Article
Luminescent Lead Halide Ionic Liquids for High-Spatial-Resolution Fast Neutron Imaging 2021 - Journal Article
Highly Concentrated, Zwitterionic Ligand-Capped Mn2+:CsPb(BrxCl1–x)3 Nanocrystals as Bright Scintillators for Fast Neutron Imaging 2021 - Journal Article
Metal cation s lone-pairs increase octahedral tilting instabilities in halide perovskites 2021 - Journal Article
Role of the A-Site Cation in Low-Temperature Optical Behaviors of APbBr3 (A = Cs, CH3NH3) 2021 - Journal Article
Demonstration of Energy-Resolved γ-Ray Detection at Room Temperature by the CsPbCl3 Perovskite Semiconductor 2021 - Journal Article
Expanding the 0D Rb7M3X16 (M=Sb, Bi; X=Br, I) Family: Dual‐Band Luminescence in Rb7Sb3Br16 2021 - Journal Article


Assistant Professor
University of Texas at Dallas, USA [2021–Present]
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
ETH Zurich, Switzerland [2019–2021]

Additional Information

Professional Memberships
Member: American Chemical Society (ACS)
Member: Materials Research Society (MRS)

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