Karl Ho

Associate Professor of Instruction
GR 3.203
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Tags: Political Science Social Data Analytics and Research Public Policy Political Economy

Professional Preparation

Ph.D. - Political Science
University of North Texas - 1996
M.S. - Political Science
University of North Texas - 1992


University of Texas at Dallas [2005–Present]
Assistant Dean
University of Texas at Dallas [2003–2005]
Senior Lecturer
University of Texas at Dallas [2003–Present]
Research Scientist
University of Texas at Dallas [2002–2003]
Adjunct Instructor
University of North Texas [2000–Present]
Adjunct Assistant Professor
University of North Texas [1998–Present]
University of North Texas [1996–2002]

Additional Information

Courses Taught
 University of Texas at Dallas 

  •  Data Visualization
  •  Data Methods (Methods of Data Collection and Production)
  •  Politics of China 
  •  Political Economy of East Asia 
  •  Graduate Seminar on East Asian Politics 
  •  Research Design and Methods 
  •  Southeast Asia Politics 
  •  Introduction to Social Statistics 
  •  Descriptive and Inferential Statistics in the Social Sciences 
 University of North Texas 
  •  PSCI 2300 Study of Politics (1999-2002) 
  •  PADM 5530 Advanced Computer Applications in Public Administration (1997) 
 University of North Texas Health Science Center 
  •  PHPM 5740 Biostatistics: Introduction to Statistical Packages (2000) 
 North Central Texas College 
  •  GOVT2305 American National Government (1996) 
 UNT Computing Center Short Courses (1996-2002): 
  •  R Programming 
  •  SAS Programming
  •  SPSS Programming
  •  S-Plus Programming
  •  Computer Tools for Research and Data Analysis
  •  New Technologies for Survey Research
  •  Mapping Data using SAS and Excel 
Honors and Awards
  •  2018 Taiwan Fellowship
  •  2013 EPPS Outstanding Teaching Comet Award (Mention), University of Texas at Dallas 
  •  2011 EPPS Comet Award, University of Texas at Dallas 
  •  2008 Service Award, University of Texas at Dallas 
  •  2001 Recipient, UNT Staff Contribution Award 
  •  2000 UNT Soaring Eagle Award 
  •  1997 Recipient, Samuel H. Beer Award - Best Dissertation in British Politics Studies, American Political 
  •  Science Association 
  •  1996-97 Recipient of Sam McAlister Best Graduate Student Award, Department of Political Science, 
  •  University of North Texas 
  •  1996-97 Finalist, Best Dissertation Award, University of North Texas 
  •  1991-92 Outstanding International Graduate Student, University of North Texas 
  •  1991-92 International Education Committee Scholarship, University of North Texas 
  •  1991-92 member, PHI BETA DELTA Honor Society for International Scholars, Kappa Chapter.