Kaloyan Penev

Assistant Professor - Physics
Tags: Physics

Professional Preparation

Ph.D - Astronomy
Harvard University, Dept of Astronomy - 2009
M.S. - Astronomy
Harvard University, Dept of Astronomy - 2005
B.S. - Astronomy
California Institute of Technology - 2003

Research Areas

Extrasolar planet detection and orbital dynamics
Searching for transiting extrasolar planets using small robotic telescopes
High precision photometry from space and from the ground
Orbital dynamics of extrasolar planetary systems
Astrophysical probes of tidal dissipation in giant planets and low mass stars


Assistant Professor
University of Texas at Dallas, Department of Physics [2017–Present]
Associate Research Scholar
Princeton University, Department of Astrophysical Sciences [2011–2017]
Post-doctoral Fellow
Harvard College Observatory [2009–2011]


2018 Education & Public Outreach Award - Texas Astronomical Society of Dallas [2018]


Comprehensive Empirical Constraints on Tidal Dissipation Rates : Q is Not a Constant
409287 - NASA, Astrophysics Theory Program [2018/02–2021/01]
PI: Kaloyan Penev Co-Is: Joshua Winn, Joel Hartman
Unstable Roche-Lobe Overflow of Gaseous Planets
165863 - NASA, Astrophysics Theory Program [2017/01–2018/12]
PI: Brian Jackson Co-I: Kaloyan Penev Collaborator: Phil Arras
Finding and Characterizing a Large and Diverse Population of Transiting Exoplanets with HATSouth in Support of NASA Space Missions
826997 - NASA, Exoplanets Research Program [2017/01–2020/12]
PI: Gaspar Bakos Co-Is: Kaloyan Penev, Waqas Bhatti, Joel Hartman Collaborators: Andres Jordan, Geza Kvacs, Daniel Bayliss Others: Zoltan Csubry
The Origins of Close-in Extrasolar Planets
104000 - NASA, Origins of Solar Systems Program [2013/01–2014/12]
PI: Kaloyan Penev Co-I: Brian Jackson Collaborators: Jonathan Fortney, John Chambers