Julia Chan

Professor - Chemistry
Tags: Materials and Polymers Inorganic Chemistry

Professional Preparation

Ph.D. - Chemistry
University of California, Davis - 1998
B.S. - Chemistry
Baylor University - 1993

Research Areas

Research Interests

Our research is focused on crystal growth, structure (X-ray and neutron), and characterization (electrical, magnetic, transport) of intermetallics and oxides for energy applications, including:

  1. Highly correlated electronic materials
  2. Magnetic frustrated materials
  3. Search and discovery of intermetallics with low thermal conductivity


Spin density wave instability in a ferromagnet 2018 - Journal Article
Casting a Wider Net: Rational Synthesis Design of Low-Dimensional Bulk Materials 2018 - Journal Article
Effect of R-site element on crystalline phase and thermal stability of Fe substituted Mn mullite-type oxides: R2(Mn1−xFex)4O10−δ (R = Y, Sm or Bi; x = 0, 0.5, 1) 2018 - Journal Article
Subsurface Imaging of the Cores of Polymer-Encapsulated Cobalt Nanoparticles Using Force Modulation Microscopy 2017 - Journal Article
The proof is in the powder: revealing structural peculiarities in the Yb3Rh4Sn13 structure type 2017 - Journal Article
Nanoimprinted Perovskite Nanograting Photodetector with Improved Efficiency 2016 - Journal Article
Corrosion behavior of zirconia in acidulated phosphate fluoride 2016 - Journal Article
Emergence of Magnetic States in Pr2Fe4-xCoxSb5 (1 < x < 2.5) 2016 - Journal Article
Er1.33Pt3Ga8: A modulated variant of the Er4Pt9Al24-structure type 2016 - Journal Article
Flux-mediated syntheses, structural characterization and low-temperature polymorphism of the p-type semiconductor Cu2Ta4O11 2016 - Journal Article


Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry
The University of Texas at Dallas [2013–Present]
Professor of Chemistry
Louisiana State University [2009–2013]
2010-2013: Les and Dot Broussard Alumni Professor of Science
Assistant & Associate Professor
Louisiana State University [2000–2008]
National Research Council Postdoctoral Associate
National Institute of Standards & Technology [1998–2000]
Ceramics Division, Materials Science & Engineering Laboratory


Women Leading in Diversity Honoree - The University of Texas at Dallas [2016]
Editor - Science Advances (AAAS) [2015]
Southeastern Conference Academic Leadership Development Faculty Fellow - [2012]
Iota Sigma Pi Agnes Fay Morgan Award - [2008]
ACS Dreyfus PROGRESS Lectureship - [2006]
Baylor University Outstanding Alumni Award - Baylor University [2006]
U.S. National Committee for Crystallography (USNC/Cr) - [2004]
Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellow - [2004]
ACS Exxon Mobil Faculty Fellowship in Solid State Chemistry - American Chemical Society [2004]
National Science Foundation Career Award - [2003]


Materials Science & Engineering


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